Dog Care Tips You Should Know

Dog Care Tips You Should Know

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Dog Care Tips You Should Know 300x164 Dog Care Tips You Should Know

Dogs are man’s best friends. They can give you a long lasting unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. What they need is for you to provide them a safe shelter, food, water, companionship, regular veterinary care, exercise, and more. These top 10 dog care tips will help guarantee that you cultivate a fulfilling relationship with your canine friend.

Regular Veterinary Visits

Just like humans, dogs also have certain medical conditions that need careful attention. In order to prevent or detect them early, regularly visit your veterinarian at least once a year. It is the only most important way to keep your pets healthy. Vet visits may include weight control, nutrition, dental exam, parasite control, vaccinations and health screenings.


Most dogs are required to have a collar and ID that will include the owner’s name and contact information. There are instances that your pet will get lost, so an ID is very helpful in returning her home safely. It must fit comfortably around the neck. For others, a microchip ID can be inserted by your veterinarian to ensure that your dog can be identified even if the collar comes off.

Parasite Prevention

The most common parasites in almost any type of dog are fleas. They can cause hair loss, skin irritation, infection and hot spots. When your pet swallows one flea, it can lead to tapeworms. Give your dog a regular bath and check with your veterinarian on how to keep your dog parasite-free.

Proper Protection

A dog should be allowed to run around the backyard. You can have your yard fenced so she can also have her daily exercises.

Proper Diet and Healthy Weight

Most dogs and cats in the US are obese. This could pose a health threat to your pets such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer. The reason is overfeeding, and keeping your pets healthy will certainly add years to their lives. Make sure to give your pets a proper and balanced diet, constant access to fresh water, and regular exercise.

Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering your dogs will enable him to live longer, have lesser behavior problems, and be healthier. It will also lessen the problem of overpopulation.

Suitable Environment

Providing pets a suitable environment will contribute to the lifetime health and welfare of your pets. Take her out for daily walks and provide window perches, scratching posts and toys.

Train Your Pet

You can have your dog enrolled in training class so you can control your pet’s behavior in a safe and humane manner. The time spent together also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

Avoid Giving People Medications

Human medications can be toxic or fatal to your pets. It can cause kidney damage, cardiac arrest, seizures, poisoning and others.

Proper Restraint

When traveling, harness the dog to the back seat. Never let her sit in the front seat because of risk for injury or death if the airbag deploys. Also, do not let their heads out the window unleashed.

Being loyal and patient to your companion will also help strengthen your bond. Give her the proper care and attention and she most definitely will return the favor with undying loyalty.

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