The Different Drag Racing Classes

The Different Drag Racing Classes

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Different Drag Racing Classes 300x196 The Different Drag Racing Classes

Drag racing is a competition that features automobiles and motorcycles that are specially prepared and which compete in such a way that the first one to cross the finish line is declared the winner. This race follows a course that is straight. To record the race results accurately, electronic timing and systems that have the capability off sensing speed are used to record the results.

In drag racing there are hundreds of classes with each class having its own requirements. The restrictions are based on a number of factors such as weight, the body size, engine size modification and many others.  NHRA is a single organization that boasts of over 200 classes.  The most exciting race dragging class is the class of youngsters.

Among the most respected classes include Pro Stock motorcycle, top fuel, pro stock and Funny car.  The classes are normally grouped in to 15 categories with each class being governed by NHRA rules.  For one to be legible for certain classes, there are requirements which must be certified. The requirements are based on a number of factors such as weight, allowable modifications, engine size, aerodynamics and the weight of the vehicle. There are three super classes which include super comp super gas and Super Street.

Top fuel

This is among the fastest accelerating cars in the world, it is a 7,000hp dragster which has the capability of covering the drag strip in a matter of 3.8 seconds at a speed of 325mph. most of the cars in this class are 25 feet long and weigh 2,320 pounds.

Funny car

This class has cars that are similar to Top Fuel counterparts but have a shorter wheel base and a carbon fiber body which is similar to that of production based automobile. They can run at a speed that slightly exceeds 315 mph. They are always fun for people.

Pro Stock

It is called a factory hot rod and resembles the production based cars. This car can run at a speed of 210mph and can run at 10500 rpm with an excess of 1,300 horsepower.

Pro Stock motorcycle

There are highly modified cars which are capable of running under 6.8 seconds at a speed of more than 195mph. They feature a purpose built tube and are aerodynamically enhanced.  Their body is a replica of the original body.

Top alcohol Dragster

This vehicles use supercharged methanol-burning engine or a nitro methane combination and is capable of blasting 5.1 in more than 280 mph.

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