Know the Drag Racing Organizations

Know the Drag Racing Organizations

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In North America, the NHRA is the drag racing organization that is charged with overseeing the drag racing events and activities. The Field Entertainment’s international Hot Rod Association (IHRA) is a third of NHRA.  NHRA is large and more popular with large recognized tracks IHRA concerns itself with smaller local tracks and national tour. IHRA has rules that are less restrictive especially on nitrous oxide and engines that was oversize.


The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA)   concerns itself with nostalgia vehicles muscle cars. NEDRA is also concerned with electrical vehicles and compares their performance against the performance of the gasoline powered ones.  The vehicle it deals with includes Dodge Vipers and muscle cars. Their areas of concern are both ¼ miles as well as 1/8 mile races. The electric drag racing record stands at 6.940 s at 201.37 mph in ¼ mile.


VWDRC concerns itself with VW championship and has a vehicle that runs under 7s. It should be recalled that before the sanctioning of IHRA and NHRA, there were other smaller organizations which were in charge of drag racing. The organization which operated in the East Coast was known for its speedway. Southern bracket Racing Association (SBRA) on the other hand is only concerned with the old Dominion speedways.

Nostalgia Pro Comp

There are several small organizations in the mid west that have actively involved themselves in drag racing for a very long period of time. The Nostalgia Pro Comp association is one of the notable associations which are well established and feature muscle cars as well as the old dragsters. There are numerous classes from which to choose. Most of the tracks here race in 1/8 and ¼ mile.

There are other places in which drag racing is permitted. They include the New England summer nationals’ main street in Worcester and Massachusetts

British Hot Rod Association

In the UK, The British Hot Rod Association (BHRA) which was established in the 1960 had the objective of uniting and unifying the local clubs by holding drag races in areas such as Graveley and Duxford.

In Australia, the first event that was organized nationally was run at raceway in 1965. This was held near Melbourne. ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) which was established way back in 1973 was in charge of drag racing.  ANDRA is said to be better than any other organization outside USA.

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