How Drag Racing Started and Its Rules

How Drag Racing Started and Its Rules

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Drag Racing1 300x225 How Drag Racing Started and Its Rules

Drag racing was invented by a number of hooligans who organized themselves and participated in drag racing. This activity was initially practiced on the streets before the hooligans decided to take it off the street in to some venues that were considered safe. The hooligans were able to pull large crowds to this event because of their creativity and great driving skills. With time, drag racing got even better and this is what led to pro racing as it is known today. The cars are no longer the initial street cars that used to be paraded in the earlier days. They have become like space ships which have been send on a mission.<

Audience of Drag Racing

The drag racing cars have continually attracted a number of spectators who spend hundreds of dollars just to get a chance to enjoy these amazing racing cars. The National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA) and the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) are the two main bodies that organize different car racing series. These two organizations do not have much in common but have street cars that race fast and which are competitive. The two associations run two different series. The month of July is a month that is dominated with Route 66 raceway fireworks which you should never miss.

Rules of Drag Racing

Promedia staff has fine tuned the rules that are supposed to be used by NMRA and NMCA classes. They have done everything within their ability to ensure that the parity between NMCA and NMRA is maintained. This is what has opened doors for the annual bowl of Drag Racing where the old model Mustangs and the classic Muscle cars are paraded for competing actions that is indeed a crowd puller.

In the month of July the action was taken to Chicago at the premier drag facility where the competition was scheduled. Too much rain in that area almost interrupted the activity and thus the game was extended to at least 4 days.  In this game all the classes were represented and with cars that had 10.5 inches tires, nostalgia, radials and power adders. Alternatively, one can engage himself in open competitions whose popularity is growing every single day and is becoming an alternative to bracket racing.
The super Bowl of street legal Drag racing which is sponsored by Nitto tires and Motive Gear is expected to be a crowed puller.

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