How a Drag Racing Works

How a Drag Racing Works

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how a drag racing works 300x225 How a Drag Racing Works

Drag racing basically refers to a competition where specially prepared motorcycle or automobiles were allowed to race and compete. Each competition had two cars at a time. The car that was the first to cross the finish line would be declared a winner. This race was known to follow a straight course whose measurements were well known. Later own, the speed sensing and the advanced systems started being used to record the results .The quickest vehicle made use of a parachute so that it could be slowed down.

Principles Of Drag Racing

Drag racing operates on some principle which allowed each driver to perform a burnout. This burn out had an effect of heating the drivers tires and lay some rubber on the road to improve the traction. Drivers were then lined up at the starting point. The races were started electronically   using a system referred to as a Christmas tree. This system consists of six lights for every driver. The lights are green, red, blue and 3 amber.  These lights are then connected to a light beam. When the first light beam is broken, by the front tire of the vehicle it implies that the driver of that vehicle has pre-staged. This is followed by the light of the blue circle. The second half of the blue circle also lights up. In summary, if the first driver trips the beam, the tree is activated and the competitor who is an opponent will have a couple of seconds to stage.  If the red light goes, it means that he has timed out and is automatically discontinued. If on the other hand both the drivers are staged, it is mandatory that they start the race up to 8.3 seconds after the staging of the race.

Timing of Drag Racing

The time is selected randomly by a system that starts automatically. These systems are the ones that make the amber light to light at the same time. This is then followed with the lighting of the green light. There are two light sequences  where we can have the 3 amber lights lighting up?( flashing) simultaneously this is then followed by the flashing of the green light which flashes 4 seconds later. The lights flash in a sequence starting from the top to the bottom. The flashing is normally 0.5 seconds apart. The green light flashes after a period of 0.5 seconds.

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