Dream Land for Shopping

Dream Land for Shopping

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Singapore is a country that is strong enough when it comes to its economic growth. This country is said to be the 4th leading financial center and the 2nd largest casino gambling market in the world. This is also a perfect place for tourists to spend their vacation.
Singapore comes with a lot of amazing places and its shopping malls are not an exception. So to show you the beauty of Singapore’s shopping malls, here is a list you might want to check.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore which is a 22 kilometer street where people use to stroll and at the same time shop whatever items they find along the way. This is said to be the most popular shopping enclave of the city and it is one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore. Its first shopping boutique is the Tangs way back in 1934. Aside from its retail shops, there are also a flock of restaurants and bars in this area. Of course, night clubs and hotels are present to ensure an all-around entertainment for the locals and tourists.


This is said to be the largest shopping mall found in Singapore. The building is said to be designed by a Japanese architect named Toyo Ito. This shopping mall symbolizes a modern lifestyle full of energy which is accessible to everyone. It is located in Harbor front and very near to Sentosa. This shopping mall occupies a total land area of 1,500,000 square feet and its retail area is 97,000 square meters. When it comes to entertainment, this shopping mall houses the largest cinema multiplex of Singapore which is a total of 15 screens. This is one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Singapore.

Sim Lim Square

This shopping mall is widely known as “SLS” to most of its local residents and it specializes in electronic goods and services. Here you’ll find different services offered ranging from DVD’s, mobile phones, computer parts and a lot more. This shopping mall is made of 6 level floors where any shoppers can bargain and ask for low rates. However, in this shopping mall a lot of scams are happening such as counterfeit items, no price tag items and a lot more. To ensure you won’t fall victim, you must inform the SLS management as soon as possible.

Parco Bugis Junction

Shopaholic would just love to come and shop from here. It has clusters of shopping houses, trendy outlets, departmental stores and chain of restaurants. This is actually a shopping complex where you’ll find a shopping mall, an office tower and a hotel named InterContinental Singapore. This complex caters everyone. Its anchor tenants are BHG, Sony Store, Cold Storage and a lot more.

Visit the Dream Land for shopping

These are just some of the many wonderful shopping malls of Singapore. Singapore is truly a dream land for all shopaholics and should you decide to visit the country, make sure to check out Singapore’s shopping malls, you will surely experience a different style of shopping usually not experienced in other countries. So what are you waiting for, visit Singapore now and start having fun.

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