Driver’s Safety and NASCAR

Driver’s Safety and NASCAR

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 Drivers Safety and NASCAR

The list of NASCAR Sprint cup Drivers who are lined up for the 2013 NASCAR sprint cup is long. However it is important to note a few of them who are expected to give the championship the thrill and excitement it is known for. They include AJ ALL Mendinger whose sponsor is Tag Heuer and will be driving Chevrolet and will be racing for Phoenix team. Others include Aric Almirola, Marcos Ambrose and Trevor Bayne just to mention but a few.

Driver safety in NASCAR

Generally, safety in racing has become one of the biggest concerns in as far as NASCAR sport is concerned. It became a major issue after the death of Dale Earnhardt who had won the Winston cup series for a total of seven times. NASCAR decided to change all its policies including the use of Hans’s devices and has also changed the cars for the sprint cup series and nationwide series since 2001. One of the NASCAR’s safety policies has encompassed the fire racing suit, roof flaps and carbon fiber seating.

The Safety Car

After the demise of many drivers, NASCAR embarked on research whose goal was to come up with a car that was safer for its drivers. A new design of a safer car was presented after by NASCAR seven years later. The car of tomorrow was presented and had new features including reinforced roll cage. The car had a steel plate on the left of the plate which was basically designed to be resilient in times of a crash. The roof has been adjusted and is 4 inches high with a width of two inches which makes it very safe for the driver when the car rolls.

The Racing Suit

To enhance the safety of the driver, NASCAR drivers are required to wear a suit that is fire retardant. The suit is a dual purpose suit which serves two purposes including identifying the driver and guarding him in the event of fire outbreak.  The driver is also supposed to wear fire retardant shoes and gloves. Since the car engine is likely to warm the legs and make him uncomfortable, the driver must wear a heat shield shoes.

The Helmet

It serves a number of purposes including protecting the driver from any injury and has a hook up that anchors the communication device to enable the driver to communicate with the rest of the crew.

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