The Dubai Mall: Best Place for Shopping

The Dubai Mall: Best Place for Shopping

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the dubai mall aquarium leak 300x200 The Dubai Mall: Best Place for Shopping

It is among the world’s biggest shopping haven based on the size and is ranked sixth around the globe if one considers the total area that can be leased. This complex is part of the $20 billion Burj Khalifa complex. The facility boasts of 1,200 shops and is located in Doha, Dubai. It opened its doors to the public way back in 2008 and can easily be accessed via the Doha Street which has been reconstructed. You will get a clear view of the city which is really incredible. It is considered as the best place for shopping all over the world. It hosted over 37 million people in 2009; this number has been increasing every year with over 65 million visitors registered in 2012. The leisure and shopping that one  is able to have at  this place is perhaps what makes it the most visited shopping centre in the world with visitors coming from all the four corners of the world. The facility leads in the number of visitors and ranks high when compared to the world’s leading destinations such as Times Square, Niagara Falls, and the Central Park.

This facility has about 250 luxury hotel rooms, 120 cafes and restaurants and 22 cinema screens. It has about 14,000 parking spaces with 3 car parks making it the largest shopping centre that can accommodate many vehicles at the same time. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the most fascinating and amazing things which makes it rank high among the world’s leading shopping centres. The aquarium which is already in the Guinness World Book of Record is one of the world’s largest acrylic panels with its view being larger than the Japans Okinawa Churaumi aquarium. The aquarium which was uniquely constructed has the capability of withstanding pressure from more than 10 million litres of water and gives the visitors an opportunity to view over 33,000 marine animals that are on the display. In 2012, the aquarium started leaking causing a partial evacuation and the shutdown on some part of the facility to facilitate the repair of the aquarium. It is recognized worldwide and is known for its animal welfare policy and the standard ethics. Enjoy as Much as you can! Because it has a lot of things to offer aside from its high end shops with trendy clothes, it is also superb when it comes to entertainment. Indeed, its underwater zoo is one of a kind that not only adults can get to enjoy inside this shopping centre but as well as children. Therefore, once you’re inside the vicinity of this amazing shopping haven, don’t forget to enjoy as much as you can!

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