Dubai: The Ultimate Place for Shopping

Dubai: The Ultimate Place for Shopping

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Dubai The Ultimate Place for Shopping 300x224 Dubai: The Ultimate Place for Shopping

Dubai is well known as a “shopping capital of the Middle East”. This emirate largely lures a lot of tourists and brings in a big flow of cash in the country. Dubai has a total of 70 shopping malls and part of it is the largest shopping mall in the world.
You will be astonished to see the huge malls of Dubai. This city has stunningly constructed lavish shopping malls for everyone. Dubai shopping festival has also been held since 1996. This city is a great destination for shoppers, whether you come here during the festival or some other time. You’ll find here products of gold and traditional Arabic goods to electronic appliances and designer trendy clothing. Here are the most fabulous, simply enormous and the best malls in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

This shopping mall is said to be the largest shopping mall in the world if you based it on the total area it occupies. It comes with 1,200 retail shops which are able to attract a total of 750,000 visitors or shoppers every week. This shopping mall is consists of 22 screen cinemas, a total of 120 cafes and restaurants to choose from and a luxury hotel which has 250 rooms. When it comes to entertainment, this shopping mall is one of a kind. It has an underwater zoo with sharks as its main attraction and a tunnel that holds the world’s largest acrylic panel. It also has an ice rink and a Sega Republic section. This shopping mall is truly unique and a world record holder.

Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk is the traditional market of Dubai which is consists of almost 300 retail shops that are mostly trading jewelries. This shopping centre is said to contain 10 tons of gold and some diamonds. Most retailers are from India and Iran. If you feel like shopping for breath taking jewelries, then don’t hesitate to check the Dubai Gold Souk. Variation of gold ornaments like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other likely gold products are easily available here. You will find great bargains as well.

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest shopping centres in the Middle East and is in fact ranked 2nd next to the Dubai Mall. It offers you grand variety of designer’s products and conventional Arabic goods. This huge mall also has 14 screen cinemas and an indoor ski slope and up to 70 restaurants to cater shoppers appetite. This shopping mall was designed by an American architectural firm.

Spice Souk

It’s a spectacular and astounding place for shopping in Dubai. It’s an open air mall where you can find a lot of fragrances and spices. It comes with a lot of shops some are closed roofs while others have open roofs. One can find dry fruits from all over the Middle East. Shopkeepers are too much friendly but be prepared to bargain in order to get a fair price. Spices and fragrances such as Frankincense and Shisha are found here. Of course, traditional herbs are also found here that are mainly used in Arab countries and Asians as well.

Deira City Center

This shopping mall was established way back in 1996 and was considered to be the largest mall in Dubai before the construction of the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. It’s such a fabulous mall for shopping, having almost 350 shops and friendly environment. This mall is renowned for international designer clothes and for electronic goods. It also contains 11 cinemas and entertainment places for children and so many other points of attraction. This shopping mall attracts 20 million shoppers per year. Shopping in this mall will surely bring you a lot of fun and excitement.

Dubai Houses the Best Shopping Malls

Dubai is no doubt the best and the only amazing place to visit when it comes to shopping. Their shopping malls don’t look ordinary and in fact it always attracts tourists to go here because of its structure and contents. You’ll never see other shopping malls as big and as luxurious as that of Dubai’s. This is a highly recommended place to visit if you want to amaze yourself and see something new. This is truly a great place to shop and have fun.

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