Does Employees Opinion Matters?

Does Employees Opinion Matters?

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Does Employees Opinion Matters 300x199 Does Employees Opinion Matters?

Employees are crucial to the success of a business. Without employees, business operations may stall and a business may not be in a position to meet its principal goal of profit making. The larger the business, the more employees it will have within its structures. Even as a business hires employees, one of the thorny issues is often whether they really have a voice. Does employee opinion matter? For sure, no matter how inconsequential the opinion may seem, it matters and here are some reasons why:

Employees are at Times More Experienced

The employee performs the business operations and is widely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He may not be as highly educated as the manager but he is more experienced and better skilled in hands on operations and his opinions may avert the company a disaster in business operations. Always remember that management depends on information and if the employee is in a position to provide accurate information, then, it would be better linking with the employee.

Listening to Employee Opinion Creates Trust and Morale

Even if an employee may not have a valid point of view, listening to his opinions and acknowledging them will make him feel important and desired. It will boost his morale and make him more loyal to the business therefore gaining and building his trust. A business management that listens to its employee opinions retains employees for much longer than those that rarely give their employees a platform to air their views.

Increases Productivity

Did you know that listening to employee opinion increases their productivity? For sure, it makes them feel part of the process and for that reason; the input of their opinions into a project creates the desire for making such a project successful within the employees. When an employee is involved in the early stages of the project, he feels part of the project and feels that its failure or success will be shared with the employer since he gave his opinion. For this reason, businesses which allow employees to voice their opinions have more productive employees than those which don’t.

Helps in the Reduction of Bottle Necks

If you really want to enhance communication within a business and reduce the bottlenecks, try making it possible for the employees to air their opinions. Airing opinions also reduces conflict within the business and is also among the best known ways for business conflict resolution. As a result, the energies of the workers will not be wasted in strikes and grumbling but will be used well in work related activities.

In conclusion, it is correct to state that humans, whether employees or not will always love airing their opinions and speaking out their minds. When such a privilege is not granted, the employees will always feel as if they are in a cage and will not stay with your business for long. Therefore, the next time you get the opportunity, allow your employees air their opinions because their opinions really do matter!

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