The Evolution of Ducati Motorbike

The Evolution of Ducati Motorbike

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Dukati 300x203 The Evolution of Ducati Motorbike

The history of Ducati Motorcycle Company can be traced back to 1926 when Cavelieri Ducati together with his three Sons; Marcello, Adriano and Bruno founded the Society Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati in Bologna. They used to produce Vacuum tubes radio components and condensers. The venture was successful and in 1935, they constructed a factory in Borgo Pangale where the factory continued to operate during the II World War despite being a target of bombings by the allied Forces.

Early History

In 1950, after Ducati realized that the Cucciolos motorbikes had sold around 200,000 units, he offered to produce its own Cucciolo motocycle. This was the first Ducati motorcycle whose capacity was 48cc and weight 98lb. The bike had a top speed of 64km/h. The Cucciolo name was dropped and Ducati racing bike company adopted the ‘’65TL’’ ‘’55M’’ brand name.

Ducati was motivated by the market to start manufacturing the larger motorcycles after the market changed its preference in favor of larger ones. This is the time when Ducati introduced the 65TS cruiser which was a four stroke scooter. This bike impressed many in the 1952 show and was described as one of the most innovative machine at the show. Very few units of these bikes were made by the Ducati racing Bike Company. It is estimated that only few thousands units were made before the production was halted.

By 1953, the company was divided in to two with one section concentrating in manufacturing of motorcycles while the other section focused on making electronic products. Later own, the branch that manufactured motorcycle became the Ducati Meccanica while Ducati Electronica became the Ducati Energia S.p.A. By 1954 the number of bicycles that were being manufactured increased to 120 bikes.

The ownership of Ducati racing Bike Company has changed hands several times with Ducati Family owning since its inception 1926 -1950. Thereafter, The Government istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI) took over the ownership. In 1953, the company split in to two Ducati Meccanica which later changed its name to become Ducati Motor and Ducati Electronica which became Ducati Energia.
The ownership further moved in to the hands of VM group in 1978-1985 while Cagiva group acquired it in 1986-1996. Texas pacific group which is based in the US became the owner for the period between 1996-2005 while Investindustrial Holding took over the ownership between 2005 and 2008. Finally, in 2008 -2012 the ownership of the company was in the hands of Performance Motorcycles S.p.A.. From July 2012 to present, the ownership moved to Automobili Lanborghini S.p.A..

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