The Exciting Drag Boat Racing

The Exciting Drag Boat Racing

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The Exciting Drag Boat Racing 300x184 The Exciting Drag Boat Racing

The drag boat racing is in a way similar to the land drag racing. This race is an acceleration race which is measured on the straightaway basis. It measures the distance on the water between the two high performance boats. The starting system was a little bit unique since it factored in the safety precaution and enabled the boats to start from a standing point.

The two boats that are being paired hold on a rope when the countdown clock begins. The boats get the green light acknowledgement before they start racing. During the start of the competition the boats are not supposed to cross the green light. If they do cross they get disqualified immediately. Each boat is allowed to make at least a quarter mile timed run so as to qualify for the eliminations. The boats are timed on how long it takes to complete the quarter mile and those which fall outside the time limits are automatically eliminated. Normally, the qualifications are made on Saturday and Friday and only those boats that qualify are allowed to proceed to the next round. The winners are allowed to proceed to the next round. This process continues with a number of boats being eliminated at every stage until such a time when the top most boat remains as the class winner.

There are mechanics that follow the proceedings closely while they look at the equipment which are used to make the boating race unique until such a time when the winner is declared. There are three basic boat types which take part in the event. They include hydroplanes jets, and flat bottomed boats which take part in this competition.

The hydroplane boat utilizes three point hulls which are designed to trap air. When accelerating, the hydro rides on air with the rear edges touching the water. The flat bottom drag boat on the other hand looks similar to the family ski boat in its design and this is why at some point the boat retires to become a ski boat. The jet drug boat has a hull design and the difference between it and the jet pump is the steering and means of propulsion. The flat bottomed drag boat has three pedals and has a throttle on the right.  On its left are two petals which are designed to control the altitude of the bow. It has a metal cavitations plate which is normally put across the back of the boat.

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