Expensive Hotels in the World

Expensive Hotels in the World

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When you say hotel what comes automatically in your mind is elegance, beauty, expensive and vacation right? Indeed, hotels are usually the hub of most vacationers however businessmen, artists, students, family in an important trip might also occupy a hotel room or suite. For this reason hotels are made more comfortable, elegant and sophisticated for anyone can land in their prestigious hotels. It could be the president or a celebrity. There are a lot of expensive hotels all around the globe however let me tell you the top 10 expensive hotels in the world that will astound you.

The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva – $65,000

This suite costs like a house for it comes with 12 different rooms, one night in this suite will cost you an astonishing amount of $65,000! Yes, that’s how expensive this suite is because of its bullet proof windows and doors and it has its own elevator. This suite is also composed of a billiard room, a piano room, a library and even your own private fitness room. This is a suite for the super rich and famous who wants to have nothing but the best.

The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens Greece – $47,527

This hotel is situated in a resort which will really take your breath away. It has a cinematic view of the sunset and the villa is mostly composed of a glass panel where you can see the view without any obstruction even if you’re in the bath tub! This hotel villa will cost you a staggering $47,527 per night. Why it’s this expensive? Because aside from the view it also comes with a sauna bath, a heated pool, your private beach, you will even have your own pianist, butler and chef to cook the foods you like!

The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur India – $45,000

This was said to be owned by a previous maharaja that measures enormously at 1,500 square meters. This is not just a simple suite like other hotels for this one is comprised of four level floors apartment which is ornamented with ivory, stucco, leaf and mirrors. The amount per night here is $45,000 and it comes with swimming pool with the beautiful view of the city and a museum.

The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel, New York – $41,836

This penthouse measures 400 square meters and occupies mainly the top floor of the hotel. If you are after the Manhattan view then you are in the right suite. The costly night here is $41,836. Furniture’s here are costly that is said to be made of woven fabrics of gold and platinum. You’ll also love the Zen garden, and most of all is the services offered by your personal therapist, butler and of course chauffeur!

The Hugh Hefner Suite, Palms Casino Resort Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada – $38,070

Nothing can get better than being in a place full of fun and party plus an amazing suite you’ll enjoy even without going out. The Hugh Hefner suite measures 929 square meters, the personalized bed was designed to rotate with mirrored ceiling to make it more exciting! A night in this suite will cost $38,070. You will also have your own butler and a relaxing Jacuzzi to enjoy.

The Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes France – $37,500

This penthouse is expensive all because of its 2 bathrooms, a sauna area, a spa and bath shower, 2 bedrooms if you have another guest with you, your own dressing room and of course your terrace with an enchanting view of the bay of Cannes. A night here is $37,500 that will really hurt your pocket.

The Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Sardinia Italy – $32,736

This place is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful places which overlooks the Costa Rica Smeralda. This expensive suite offers sensational and enigmatic view of the bay at $32,736. This suite is comprised with its own private pool, a roof terrace for the magnificent view, a wine cellar and your very own private gym.

The Villa La Copula Suite, Westin Excelsior, Rome – $30,000

An ancient Rome inspired suite that is considered to be one of the largest in Europe. The stained glass, its marble touch, and frescoes made this suite one of the expensive hotel suites in the world at $30,000 per night. You will get to enjoy the private spa you want, a sauna facility, and an exciting private cinema within your suite!

The Ritz Carlton Suite, Ritz Carlton, Tokyo – $26,300

Tokyo also houses one of the world’s most expensive suite and at $26,300 a night is quite mind blowing. This suite has a 300 square feet measurement; its bathroom is composed of a marble and an individual shower booths. The bed is quite large and it comes with a huge flat screen TV. Its main attraction is it lines with Tokyo’s tallest skyscraper and an amazing view of Tokyo.

The Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis, Bahamas – $25,000

This suite definitely has one of the most eye popping views you could ever see. The ocean, the amazing facilities in the island can all be seen right in your terrace. The floor is made of marbles, its living room measure 15 meters long and is paired with a baby grand piano; you’ll see mirrors everywhere, and elegant chandeliers that will amaze you. This suite costs $25,000 a night. It comes with an exceptional butler service, a bar that is of full service where you can have a party, and gold sofas everywhere in the room and soft cushions. This is one of the best places to visit during a vacation.

Are you Willing to Spend an Enormous Amount of Money for These Hotels?

Obviously, only the rich and famous can afford such hotel suites. These hotels certainly knows how to cater the right glamor and style an important person wants in life. However, even if you’re not famous as long as you have the money to spend then why not try one of these suites to experience a once in a life time vacation, business meeting or whatever occasion it is. This only proves that humans want nothing but the best that can provide maximum comfort.

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