Extreme Outdoor Sports

Extreme Outdoor Sports

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Are you a sports enthusiast who loves to try adrenaline-pumping and heart-pounding activities? Extreme outdoor sports could be in your list. Although most of these sports are paired with inherent danger, involving speed, high level of physical exertion, height, and highly specialized gear, more and more people are beginning to participate in these top 10 extreme outdoor sports, which you also might be interested to try.

Mountain Biking

For beginners, you might want to try mountain biking first. If you know how to kick the pedal and balance while on the bicycle, then you’re good to go. Mountain bikes are especially designed to beat rough roads and irregular terrains. For safety precautions, wear padded cycling and helmet.

Volcano Boarding

This sport is most popular in Nicaragua at the foothills of Cerro Negro Mountain. Sports fanatics consider this as one of the coolest sports ever. The player races down through an active 2,380 ft. volcano at 5 mph using only a board. They are dressed in protective jump suits, helmets and knee-pads. This sport started in 2005 with over 10,000 participants joining in every year.

Power Bocking

Others consider it as an exercise or as a form of artistic expression. It involves running, jumping and moving around in spring-loaded stilts. Using only their body weight and some movement, players can jump 1-1.5 meters off the ground and run up to 20 mph.

Crocodile Bungee

Have you tried bungee jumping? If yes, then you should try crocodile bungee, too. This is just like bungee jumping but into a body of water with live crocodiles.

Slack Lining

It involves balance, stretching, and bouncing on nylon netting stretched snuggly between 2 anchor points. Depending on the performer, the tension of the line can be adjusted. There are also several types of dynamic webbing to achieve various feats. The rope is flat and the dynamic nature of the line enables the performer to do tricks and stunts.

Zorbing Ball

It involves a giant plastic or rubber ball set on a hill and the person zorbing is harnessed inside the ball pumped with air, and then rolled down the hill.


This game started before the 17th century wherein 2 players on their horses ride at high speed and try to attack each other with stretched lances, trying to break the rival’s lance or drive them off his horse.

Train Surfing

It involves riders “surfing” on top of a moving train. Although it is considered an illegal sport because of its fatal consequences, a gang from Germany rediscovered this sport in 2005 and famously surfed the InterCity Express, the fastest train in the country.


More popularly known as “roller skating under cars”, it is the latest sport in India. It needs strength, flexibility and balance. A person drives on roller skates beneath an obstacle and not touching it. In a competition, a stick is lowered round after round and the last person to not touch the pole wins.

Space Diving

It is just like sky diving but the performer jumps from an aircraft or spacecraft from outer space and fall into the Earth’s atmosphere before parachuting to a landing.

Engaging yourself in extreme sports could give you a sense of fulfillment. However, you should look at the risks involved. Some of them require a special set of skills in order to be performed safely. It is undoubtedly fun to get risky sometimes, but life would be more worthwhile if we enjoy it longer.

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