Eye-Catching View Point of Florida – Sawgrass Mills

Eye-Catching View Point of Florida – Sawgrass Mills

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Eye Catching View Point of Florida Sawgrass Mills 300x209 Eye Catching View Point of Florida   Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills is the second largest shopping mall of Florida
and considered as the 6th biggest shopping mall of the United States. Its routine management and operations are controlled by Simon Property Group. Total area covered by the mall is about 2,383,906 square feet. The mall was officially opened in 1990, although further changing were made later in the entire structure of the mall with most recent expansion in 2013. In this shopping mall, there are more than 300 retail stores, many branded outlets, discounted shops and a lot more. Among different brands, you can take part and purchase items from the branches and outlets of J.C. Penney Outlet, Super Target, off 5th and a lot more.

1st Section: Fashion Avenue

Because of the huge area, the mall is divided into three sections. The first section is known as the Avenue. Where you’ll find the complete range of latest and up-to-date items, as this part of the mall is famous for every kind of products, so this section is further divided into a subsection with the name of “Fashion Avenue”. Fashion Avenue is just like a hub of fashion designers. A complete range of the entire branded and well known local brands have opened the retails and outlets in this area. This section is especially very famous in girls and women. Most women would just come to visit the shopping mall all because of the fashion avenue.

2nd Section: Oasis

The second section of the mall is an outdoor component. With the name of “Oasis”, this part was opened in 1999. This area is the house of 23 Cinemas. From this figure, one can estimate the number of visitors who especially came from the distant places to enjoy and visit the grand mall. It has been observed that people don’t have to buy anything but still they visit the mall just for the sake of enjoyment and fun. They come to refill the energy by watching a movie and sometimes they come to have a lunch or dinner with the family.

3rd Section: The Colonade Outlets

The third section of the mall is known as “The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass” established in 2006. You can say that this area of the mall is meant and especially designed for the elite class of people having an upscale lifestyle routine. There are many branded restaurants and shops serving this upper class society. Also, you’ll find many out-parcel stores and plazas in this particular section. If you visit the mall in day time you will hardly finish one complete round of this shopping mall till night time. You will find a huge variety here to choose from. That’s why sometimes it becomes more difficult to make a choice of whether what things to purchase.

Get Entertained Now!

Because Sawgrass Mills is quite huge, it is fun to stroll around this shopping mall together with your friends and love ones. You can easily get entertained by just checking out the items around you without having to spend any penny at all. Therefore, if you’re bored then Sawgrass Mills is just the perfect place to get your excitement started and fill your day with cool memories.

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