Best Family Dog Breeds

Best Family Dog Breeds

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So, you have finally decided to get a dog for your family. There is no typical dog for a certain type of family. A family who lives in a farmhouse with three children may need a different dog from a family with a new baby who lives in the city. When choosing which dog breeds to get, you have to consider many important factors, such as your family’s lifestyle and your availability. Whatever situation your family is in, here are the top 10 best family dog breeds that you may want to consider.


Pugs are toy dogs with wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tails. They are even-tempered and playful and love to go out. They are good companions for families because of their loving nature and enjoy the company of young children. This little dog may be your best option for a family dog because if they look scary but cute, they are very friendly and want to be near their people. Make sure to provide your pug with a cool environment, balanced diet and regular cleaning of the ears and facial skin folds.


The Vizsla is a natural hunter gifted with a superb sense of smell and exceptional trainability. It can well adjust in an active family because it prefers a daily exercise. This family dog breed is gentle mannered, lively, sensitive, fearless, protective and very affectionate, making them perfect companions for your little ones. They can be easily trained and requires little maintenance with regards to their diet and hygiene.


Beagles may be the cutest dogs in the planet. They are sweet, gentle, active personalities, highly sociable, and enjoy the company of little children. However, they have this natural hunting instinct that may not be suitable if you smaller pets around. They seem hard to train but respond well to food-reward training. If you live in a smaller home, beagles are great for you because they are compact in size and require little maintenance. Proper care includes frequent eye and ear check and cleaning. Their diet must be carefully watched because obesity may become a problem as they eat whenever there is food. Frequently check their paws, ears and eyes for trapped parasites and irritants after a day out in the yard or grass field.


Poodles are water dogs and skillful in several dog sports, because of their obedience, agility, herding and tracking. They are very popular in dog shows. The poodle is intelligent, hyperactive, and elegant in stature. They may be energetic but easily get bored and may misbehave just to gain attention from their masters. Because of their typically long fur coat, poodles should be regularly cared for especially in the ears and surrounding areas.


Remember Lassie? Collies are gentle, affectionate, and loyal to their masters. They enjoy the company of children. They require little maintenance with hygiene although they have thick coats. They prefer wide spaces for them to roam and run around. They may be very active, but also enjoy curling up on the couch next to their human companions.  They are also very protective and easily trained.


How about Nana in Peter Pan? Newfoundland dogs are working dogs. They were originally bred to accompany fishermen. Their giant size, calm disposition, tremendous strength and loyalty make them perfect companions for kids and families. They are expert in lifesaving or water rescuing due to their strong build, thick double coat, innate swimming abilities and webbed feet. Often dubbed as “the gentle giant”, they have sweet tempers and are easily trained.

Irish Setter

An Irish setter is outgoing, energetic, and reliable which kids and adults alike will surely like. They get along well with children and with other pets in the house, and even loves to have visitors around the house. They require long walks every day into wide, open spaces. They prefer to be busy at all times since they are easily bored and may result to destructive and hyperactivity, which may not be safe for your kids and little pets. This type of dog requires constant human companionship.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are the most popular family dog pets because of their intelligent, gentle, and very family-friendly personalities. They love to be around their masters and always want to please them. They enjoy playtime with little kids and can easily thrive in a very active family. Labs make the most loyal companion and are happy dogs. They have big appetites but require little maintenance in their hygiene and diet.

Golden Retriever

Not as big as the Labrador, Golden Retrievers are smart, kind, confident, and loyal dogs. They always like to please their owners and they are very patient. This dog breed is also great for kids. They love to have plenty of exercise time and get along well with other dogs in the household. They can adapt well to different living environments and might even love going with your adventures. Its coat is water-repellent and requires regular brushing.


Papillons are known for their large, butterfly-like ears. They are more considered as lap dogs and are happy, friendly, and adventurous. They are not so aggressive or shy. Papillons are easily trained, smart and socialize well with children and even strangers. Papillons should be handled with extra care because they are fragile and may get injured easily. Children must have adult supervision when playing with this dog breeds. They are very affectionate and playful and have very high energy level. They need to constantly socialize to avoid being overly aggressive and distrustful toward other people and dogs in the house.

Now that you have an idea of which dog breed to choose for your family, it is already an easy task for you to choose which best is suitable with your family’s lifestyle. Dogs and kids always go together because one gets along with the other. Keep in mind that every dog needs affection, attention, time, proper diet and hygiene to make them best companions and suitable family pets. Enjoy finding the best dog for you and your family!

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