Famous Brands of Footwear

Famous Brands of Footwear

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Famous Brands of Footwear 300x221 Famous Brands of Footwear

They say that whatever beautiful pair of footwear you’re wearing will take you to beautiful places, and by footwear we mean anything from flipflops to heels and to sneakers. Here are the top 10 brands of footwear you can find.


With the superstar Taylor Swift as their latest endorser, Keds is one of this generation’s coolest shoe must-have for people of all ages.


They are the reason why sneakers will never come out of style. What more can we say?


Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike is the number one sport-selling shoe in the world. The brand also sponsors various athletes and teams.


Next to Nike, Adidas is the second brand of sports footwear in the world. Aside from shoes, they also manufacture bags and clothes.

Sperry Topsider

Topsiders are the very first boat shoes ever manufactured. The founder, Paul Sperry, is an avid boater who was injured during one of his boat trips, thus the idea of a perfect boat shoe.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is known to be one of Hollywood’s shoe designers for the stars. There is not one red carpet show where his designs won’t be worn by a superstar.


The only brand of slippers we have on the list. Havaianas flipflops are very popular to both men and women. Their designs are fabulous!


Tagged as surf shoes, Sanuk was made popular by its unique and rugged design of shoes. The brand focuses on a positive marketing with the slogan, “Smile! Pass it on!”.

Hush Puppies

With Basset Hound Pookie in its logo, Hush Puppies have been described by Author Malcolm Gladwell as “the classic American brushed-suede shoes with the lightweight crepe sole”.

Toms Shoes

Upon seeing the Alpagarta, an argentine design of a slip-on shoe, Toms shoes was founded by Blake Mycoskie. The brand also gives to the less fortunate as when one shoe is sold, another is given to a child.

It is nice to know that there are great stories behind our favorite brands of shoes. Now, we won’t be able to look or even wear them the same way again.

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