Famous Music Genres

Famous Music Genres

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Music could be anything to anybody. It could be their hobby, could be their talent, it could be anything and sometimes even a comforter. Music is a very special thing to many of us and that’s why many composers have successfully produces different genres that separates one from the other.

Here are the top five music genres we all know as we speak.

5. Hip Hop Musical Genre. This genre of music usually consists of rapping and pretty much catchy and upbeat melody. It is popularly used among those who party in the clubs, dance on the dance floor, especially scattered street dancers. Its upbeat tune makes you want to go with the beat and that’s why it is a perfectly good musical genre for dancing.

4. Rock and Roll. Now rock and roll became popularly known for its combination of musical instruments and quite intricate technique. The rock musical genre is usually composed of a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitars and the loudest of them all, the drum set. They all agree an arrangement and in the end create a harmony among themselves and their instruments and that’s how rock and roll was born. This musical genre is often loud and upbeat, perfect for someone who likes it louder.

3. Pop Music Genre. Pop musical genre are those which are popularly known and often listened to or sang by many. Pop meaning popular and therefore just anybody and everybody know and have heard about it. Popular music is often sung by the most famous musical icons of this generation; and the arrangement of music is usually upbeat and easy to go with. This musical genre is perfect for anybody and everybody because after all, it is a mainstream kind of music.

2. The Country Style Music. Originated from the country side, country style music is often composed, arranged and sang by country musicians. This musical genre often uses only traditional acoustic guitars to create a great harmony of symphony and melody. And also, there is a specific kind of country voice that differentiates it from other musical genres. The sound is pretty much quite and peaceful, very country like.

1. The Classics or Classical music. This is the oldest and yet even the longest lived among all other music genres there is. It has been with us for centuries. Music maestros and geniuses first founded, produced and made classical music; some even became famous because of it such as Beethoven and more. Classical music is often composed without any lyrics, but usually of great instrumental skills such as piano or violin. It is often listened to by older people, people who studies and majors in music or some who just truly prefer the soothing and magnificent sound of classical music.

Music could be anything that has a beat, a melody, a tune or a symphony. And it is up to you to choose which one of these genres does suit or express who you are.

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