Famous Shopping Malls in France

Famous Shopping Malls in France

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Famous Shopping Malls in France 300x225 Famous Shopping Malls in France

France is among the few countries in the world which experience high tourist turnouts. This is due to its natural beauty, amazing wildlife, hospitable people and elegant shopping malls.
For sure, this country is the home of beautiful shopping malls. Some of the most famous shopping malls in France are.

Centre Commercial La Part-Dieu

This is a shopping mall that is very close to Part-Dieu train station. The mall is known as one of the biggest indoor malls in the country. This mall is recognized globally by its unique pencil-shaped tower known as Le crayon. In this mall, there are all types of shops such as the branded retail shops and the non branded shops among others.

La Vallée Village

The La Vellée Village shopping centre is located near the Disneyland Resort which is found 30km east of Paris. This shopping center comprises of over seventy five branded outlets like. These outlets are equally large in size. Some of these outlets are the Kenzo outlet, the Christian Lacroixa outlet, the Versace et al among others. In this mall, there are many discounts offered by retailers and for this reason, there are many people visiting the mall especially during the season’s end. Aside from the shopping stores, there are also many restaurants and play arenas for children. Should you find yourself in France, La Vellée Village shopping mall is worth visiting.

McArthur Glen

McArthur Glen stands out as one of the most visited malls of France. This mall is somehow a factory outlet store, where individuals can find items at discounted rates as compared to the market prices of such items. The mall has a grand building with about 84 shops. Like all the other malls, this mall consists of restaurants and coffee shops.

Passage Pommeray

Passage Pommeray is among the busiest malls in France. The mall was beautifully built in 1788 and was recently restructured. This mall is the home of all products and services that you can ever think of. At the boundary of this mall, there are many shops like branded boutiques shops, jewelry shops, book shops, gift shops and many others. During shopping, you can refresh and energize yourself with different meals and a cup of coffee.

Champs Elysees

The Champs Elysees stands among the highest ranked malls in Paris. There are hundreds of shops offering high quality products in this mall. In this mall, you can find not only branded items but also local products of good quality.

It is good to note that it is not only the product that a customer buys but also the quality found in the product. For this reason, the main focus of all the famous shopping malls in France is in providing high quality products to their customers. For this reason, their customers are always satisfied with their goods and services.

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