Fashionable Hair Braids

Fashionable Hair Braids

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Fashionable Hair Braids 300x200 Fashionable Hair Braids

Whether you are attending a party or strolling in the mall, you must look elegant and fashionable. Your hair is the first thing that people notice from you, so it is very important to keep it neat and kempt. Hair braiding is one way of making your hair look nice and stylish without overdoing it. Find the best style that you like or experiment with these top 10 fashionable hair braids listed below.

Crown Braid

Looking at it, you may find it difficult to DIY but the steps are simple. Simply create pigtail braids and pin each of the pigtails up and over the top of your head going to the opposite ear. Or make it more fun by wrapping the braid around the top of your head to create a halo. To finish it off, secure the ends of your braid with bobby pins and spray on with strong-hold spray to lock it. This will also give you a goddess look and it is meant to last for long hours.

Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is one of the easiest hair braids that you can do while you are on the go and you need to style up instantly. It makes you look younger and stylish without taking too much effort and time. You can finish it off with a colorful tie or a polka-dot bow for an extra kick of cuteness.

Pigtail Braid

Remember when you were still in grade school when mom used to braid our hair into pigtails? These are just cute and it keeps hair from getting into our eyes. During hot days, pigtails keep you cool even if you sweat doing strenuous activities. Through the years, pigtails have several styles that a person may wear, depending on preference. You can braid it plainly or use ribbons and cords to make a colorful finish. You can place it high, low or on the sides of your head. In China, wearing pigtails will determine the marital status among girls.

Messy Braid

This type of hair braiding is perfect for girls who have long hair and have difficulty containing their hair in a single nice braid. If you are in a hurry for school or office, you will still look beautiful by wearing this braid which finishes in seconds. To make it sleeker, mist with hair spray for extra shine and hold. Messy braid is also perfect when you’re wearing maxi dress or during bonfire parties.

Braided Bangs

Having trouble with your bangs because it gets into your eyes or distracts your vision? You can keep it by braiding your bangs. Braid your bangs on both sides and make sure to braid it finely. Bring both braided ends at the back of your head and secure it with a rubber band or a big ribbon bow for a cute look. You may opt to secure it on the sides with bobby pins.

Ponytail Braid

Imagine the look of Pocahontas. This ponytail braid works best for girls with long hair and it gives you a glamorous look. Just make sure to up do your front hair a little bit to add style to your simple ponytail braid. You can do it by teasing the top of your hair to add volume. Using your fingers, gather hair into a ponytail and tie it with rubber band. Divide the pony into 3 and braid it until 2 inches from the ends of your hair. Secure it again with rubber band. Finish your look with a few strands of hair wrapped around the rubber band and misted with hairspray for extra support.

Mermaid Braid

Isla Fisher looks cute and stylish with a mermaid braid which adds texture to her straight hair. You need a blow dryer and a flat iron for this one. Blow-dry your hair straight using a paddle brush, and then run a flat iron over your hair to achieve a frizz-free and super shiny hair. Make French braids on one side of your head with a small section of your hair. Upon reaching the top of your head, continue with regular braids and bring it down toward the ends of your hair, securing the ends with rubber band and finishing with lightweight hairspray.

Braided French Twist

If you have plenty of time, you can try the braided French twist which gives you a sleek and more elegant look. This is perfect for formal events because you will look prepared and it mostly fits with long gowns. It is best to do it with unwashed hair. Use texturizing mousse to add volume and hold to your hair. Make a French braid on one side of your hair going to the back of your head. When done, gather the rest of your hair up into a French twist and fold the ends of your hair into a curl, securing it with bobby pins. Mist your hair with hairspray for a sleek look and to keep it in place.

Classic Side Braid

Late for school and you just got out of the shower? This easy and the basic hair braid style is the go-to for every school girl. You can just simply braid your hair neatly and secure it a rubber band or ponytail. Perfect for keeping your hair kempt and you look neat, too.

Hippie Side Braids

Mini braids with loose waves of hair give you a great and relaxed look. It is super easy and quick. To achieve this look, dampen hair going down and apply texturizing mousse, then air dry it to bring out the natural waves of your hair. For a naturally straight hair, use a curling iron to achieve a wavy, loose look. Finger-comb to loosen the waves. Taking small sections of hair from both sides of your head, braid finely and secure with bobby pins above the ear. To give a finished look, apply styling wax.

Hair braids are the new trend in hairstyling today as these are easy and fun to do. You do not need to spend hours facing the mirror and have that same, old boring look over and over again.

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