The Fastest F1 Racing Vehicles You Should Know

The Fastest F1 Racing Vehicles You Should Know

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Benetton 300x176 The Fastest F1 Racing Vehicles You Should Know

Singling out the Fastest F1 car is not an easy task and requires one to look at various aspects including the time they take to run given races. It is imperative that you calculate the percentage time which you can use to compare and single out the Fastest F1 car amongst the many that are available. It is also necessary that you look at a number of championships before settling down on a single car that you consider the fastest.

Fastest Cars Introduced By Red Bull Team

Among the most significant grand prix which has been a crowd puller and which needs to be factored in before picking the fastest F1 racing vehicle is the German Grand Prix. The red bulls have had a good show in the previous German Grand Prix. The Ferrari team has equally impressed in the Grand Prix and so are Hamilton, McLaren and Alonzo. The Red bulls have dominated in other races but Hamilton has been consistent in winning by winning several races including Germany, China. Vittel too has been impressive and has done well in a number of races including Monaco, Canada and Barcelona. Ferrari and Mclaren have on the other hand been able to beat the Red Bulls in several outings.

The Read Bulls have had a bigger day with their stylish F1 car which had a big advantage during the last season. Vettel has relied on the qualifying platform where he has been able to register six wins which has placed him in a better position. Lewis Hamilton has on the other hand made a few updates on his car. McLaren  too has had his car greatly improved  with new brake ducts and used new disc material in ensuring that the brakes  of his car are at the their best.

BAR-Honda: Best F1 Racing Car

All in all, determining the fastest F1 racing vehicle is basically determined by the definition you give to the term ‘’fastest vehicle’’.  Benetton B186 performed pretty well in 1986 and was capable of doing 1750 bhp during the competition. Montoya clicked 372 km /h at Monza in 2005. However, the question that is yet to be answered is whether the wings had any role to play in this speed and there are questions which seek to answer questions on how fast one can go without wings. BAR-Honda was able to do 413.205 km /h without the wings though it had the wings replaced with fins.

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