Features of the Racing Superbike

Features of the Racing Superbike

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Racing Superbike 300x199 Features of the Racing Superbike

The superbike racing is one of the categories of motorbike racing which involves highly modified motorbike. These bikes take part in international superbike championships which are held in a number of countries including the United Kingdom. The race is very popular in the UK, US and Canada. Manufacturer uses this event to promote and sell their wares by putting attractive slogans connected to the superbike racing goods that have some characteristics of superbike racing.

Features of Superbike Racing Motorcycles


The superbike racing motorcycles are ideally derived from the standard model but have special characteristics of superbike racing. The rules for the production of these bikes vary from one series to another. However, one thing that is common is that the motorcycles need to maintain some profile and features of the road going motorbikes. The overall appearance need to be the same regardless of whether you are viewing the bike from the front, the side or the rear. The frame too needs to remain the same with no modifications. Among the elements the team may be able to modify includes suspension, brakes, the size of the wheel and the swing arm.  One of the most important characteristics of superbike racing is that it must be a 4 stroke engine that lies between 850cc and 1200cc especially for twin engine. Similarly if it is a four cylinder machine, it can lie between 750cc and 1000cc.

There is a distinct difference between superbike racing and the Moto GP. The MotoGP uses a prototype machine that has a very little resemblance to the superbike machine. On average, it is worth to note that the distinction between the MotoGP and the superbike is small and negligible.

History of the Superbike

Rose and Ralph are the brothers who built the first superbike in the mid 70s. The bike was ridden in Australia and other overseas countries.

World Championship

Superbike racing was organized on an international scale with the first world championship being held in 1988. The championship was regulated by The FIM and was under the management of FG Sport.

The fame of the sport has been growing every year. The number of participants has also been increasing every year. It is expected that by the turn of the century superbike racing will be one of the leading racing sport and will attract more fans than before. The sport is also expected to attract more sponsorship and rank high among most expensive sports in the world.

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