How Fernando Alonso Beat Kimi In Spanish Grand Prix

How Fernando Alonso Beat Kimi In Spanish Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso 300x151 How Fernando Alonso Beat Kimi In Spanish Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso had been dubbed as the future of Formula One when he first came out in an F1 car in 2001. Only 20 years old entering with a Minardi, it was Fernando Alonso’s break for stardom. Fast forward 12 years later, he is now the driver of the Ferrari in his hometown.

The Hometown Hero

If you are driving in your hometown, you either break from the pressure or you win because of the cheer of your hometown crowd. Being a hometown hero can either make you crack or let you rise to the occasion. In May’s 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, it was a spectacle to see the hometown hero, Fernando Alonso to win the said race. Using a tire-wear management strategy with the Ferrari, Fernando Alonso dominated the Finn Kimi Raikkonen from Lotus.

Tire Factor

Tire factor is important in Formula 1. It can suggest when the cars are going to take the pit lane. Every second in a 300 kilometer per hour race is crucial. The Spanish Grand Prix was started by the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. However, because of the Pirellis tires that they have used, it was the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso that took the win.

95,000 Spanish Grand Prix Crowd

Fernando Alonso’s win made the 95,000 home crowd proud with their local hero. It was Fernando Alonso’s second win for the Spanish Grand Prix. According to him in an interview, Fernando Alonso mentioned how emotional it was for him not only because it was on his home country but also because of the fact that he never started the race first. The Ferrari team had to grind out the lead just for them to reach the podium.

Raikkonen and Ferrari

It was also an important second place for Kimi Raikkonen. In fact, even if he didn’t win the Spanish Grand Prix, it was an overall victory for him because he left Spain with only 4 points behind the leader Sebastian Vettel. As for the Ferrari, they are now in second place for the constructor’s challenge. After Felipe Massa took the third place in the Spanish Grand Prix, they now have a chance to prove their engineering dominance. Looking at the score board after the Spanish Grand Prix, it was already a close match for the different drivers. Sebastian Vettel with his Red Bull leads the pack with 89 points. As for Fernando Alonso, he is now on third with 72 points.

What it Proved That Day

A lot of drivers and constructors needed to regroup their strategies as how they approach a race. Though qualifying didn’t give Alonso, Raikkonen and Massa their desired position, it was with their strategy and overall approach to the race that led them to the checkered flag. Formula One is more than just a pole leader’s game. Aside from the Monaco Grand Prix, a great number of drivers can count on their chances to win despite starting a few cars behind of the pack leader.

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