Foods You Have to Eat in France

Foods You Have to Eat in France

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Planning your summer vacation in France? After you have booked your tickets, made hotel arrangements, packed your luggage for your weeklong tour and finalized your itinerary, make sure to search for the best dining places to visit in France. This may be your only chance to visit Paris, so make sure to make the most out of your culinary adventures around. Eat the very best that French cuisine has to offer you. Take a look at these top 10 foods you have to eat in France to serve as your gastronomic guide on your next adventures.


Caramels are delicious no matter what. But if you try the caramels Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger, you will taste heaven. Both of their caramel treats have amazing texture, rich buttery flavor and will surely make your visit in France so memorable. Try the salty butter, passion-mango and the ginger caramel. They are just simply divine. Made from the finest and purest ingredients, the flavors are delicate, playful and very appetizing.

Baguette, Croissant and Puff Pastry

Paris is home to superior breads and baked goods that are of exceptional quality and made by hand. If you visit Paris, make sure to find an Artisan Boulanger or Patisserie and enjoy their everyday share of quality goodies like the croissants at Angelina’s or puff pastries at Eric Kayser’s. Breakfast will never be the same again once you try their delicately and carefully baked breads and pastries with a cup of hot chocolate and a little sprinkling of sugar which you can eat at the Patisserie or take back to your hotel room to enjoy.

Religieuse Au Chocolat

Nothing can go wrong with chocolate, unless it is really a bad one. But if you visit France, go to the local Boulanger or patisserie and get a share of religieuse au chocolat. This chocolate éclair which is made up of two round éclair-like parts that looks like a snowman is covered in chocolate icing and topped with a swirl of cream. A serving of this very decadent dessert may be good for one person, but try to win a friend and share it. With chocolate and coffee flavored icings, there is always room for sharing and enough for indulgence.

Bordier Butter

Butter makes everything yummier. And if you go to France, you really need to have butter and try Le BeurreBordier. Bordier butter is surprisingly super smooth and rich in flavor. If bread and butter are popular first courses, then it may become the main meal during breakfast. Spread it into freshly baked breads that you find in the local bakery and you will finish 3-4 loaves of bread just to have more of this butter. It tastes even better if sprinkle a bit of fleur de sel on it.


A chouquette is a type of viennoiserie that is made up of little choux pastry balls sprinkled with some sugar pearls, and sometimes filled with mousse or custard. They are also dipped in chocolate or covered in chocolate chips. They are very cheap and the taste is light and fluffy and oh, so heavenly. For only £1, you will get about 8 chouquettes which is quite a good deal for your money and just enough to fill you and truly savor the goodness of these tiny morsels of pastry in your mouth.


One of the best foods to eat in France is cheese. From abondance and brie to Rigotte de Condrieu and Trou du Cru, cheeses are very abundant and a must-try in France. If you visit Laurent Dubois, you will be entertained by a cheese consultant who will help you select the perfect cheeses which you can bring home to share with loved ones and friends back home. You can try different varieties of cheese and they will help you decide which variety or type of cheese you might like. Either you want it to serve as appetizers at your cocktail parties, use it in certain dishes or just something to snack on, there is always the right type of cheese for your every need.


Tartetatin is an upside-down tart with the fruit caramelized in sugar and butter mostly made out of pastry and apples. Served in a plate with a dollop of whipped cream on top, apples with the caramel syrup still oozing out from the slice, this is surely heaven in every bite.

Trou Normand

When in France, it is also best to experience fine dining in expensive restaurants. While waiting for the first course to be served, a waiter will serve you “Trou Normand”, a refreshing mix of sorbet and alcohol in a small glass which is perfect for whetting the appetite and making you ready for the next courses. It does not appear on the menu but they serve it just in time for you to feel good with the rest of the meal.


French macarons definitely originates in France and what better place to try this decadent treats than in France. Since its introduction in the early 20th century, it has taken the world by storm and we now have different flavors and fillings. The macaron is a sweet, delicate, light, meringue-like shell that sandwiches certain fillings like ganache or jam. When in France, don’t forget to have some.

Soupe De Poisson

When French cuisine is your thing, then trying out a dish with a DIY element in it will surely entice you. Try “soupe de poisson”, a dish of orange-colored soup, with tiny slices of toast and bowl of rouille on the side. Get a toast, spread some rouille, and dunk it into the soup and eat. The distinct flavors of garlic and spices in the whole dish make French eating more fun and tastier.

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