Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat

Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat

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As the baby inside you grows, your appetite also grows. When you eat for two, you are faced with a problem as to what the best kinds of food to eat are, what should be avoided and many other things. Others may have outrageous cravings over a certain kind of food. You might even think that those sugary treats such as donuts may be the perfect food or that tempting ice cream may be okay. Sometimes, you will be bombarded with opinions from other people saying conflicting things about fish or meat or eggs. During pregnancy, always remember to choose these top 10 foods pregnant women should eat.


Eggs contain a lot of nutrients and it will only give you 90 calories from one egg. It is has the 12 vitamins and lots of minerals. It is loaded with protein which is very important during pregnancy. Protein is important for the baby’s cell growth. Aside from that, eggs are rich in choline which is important for the overall growth and brain health. It also helps prevent neural defects. Omega-3 fatty acids are also necessary for the vision and brain development. It may be high in cholesterol, but it is very low in saturated fat, so it is still good for you. It is cheap, quick, easy and versatile.


With the many varieties of beans, it is a no brainer to choose the ones you like or is readily available in the market. Lentils, navy beans, pinto beans, black beans, chickpeas or mung beans – they are loaded with fiber and protein compared to other vegetables. During pregnancy, you need a daily dose of fiber-rich foods to aid in the gastrointestinal tract and preventing hemorrhoids and constipation. It is also rich in calcium, iron and zinc.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. The fear of most people is that ingesting too much fish may be harmful to one’s health because it is filled with mercury. Salmon has low amounts of methyl mercury, which is safe for the baby’s development. However, take note also that you should limit your intake of fish products to no more than 12 ounces per week.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoid which are converted into vitamin A in our bodies and is essential for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system and for good vision. During pregnancy, eat plenty of sweet potatoes because these also loaded with folate, fiber and vitamin C. It is also versatile and inexpensive. You may want to make baked sweet potato, fries or steamed sweet potatoes for snacks.


If you are not so fond of eating eggs or fish, walnuts may be the best choice to still get loads of omega-3 fatty acids necessary for brain development. It is one of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. You can snack on them or add them to baked cookies or cakes or into salads for an added crunch.


One of the best foods pregnant women should eat is spinach. It is loaded with potassium, folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamin A. All these nutritional contents are very important for the baby’s growth and development. If you do not like spinach very much, try adding it into your sandwiches or salads. You can even sauté or stir fry it to serve as sides to your steaks and other hot dishes.


Carrots are full of fiber, vitamin A, B and C which are very important in the baby’s development of teeth, eyes and bones. A good pregnancy diet with carrots will include at least 5 servings of dishes with carrots in it per week. Try adding them into salads or fruit shakes. You can also make a carrot dip to go with chips and sweet potato slices. And for a quick snack on the go, why not munch on freshly peeled carrots for a nutritional boost?


While there are lots of types of yogurt, plain yogurt is a great source of calcium, which is very important for the bones and teeth development in babies. Every pregnant woman should make sure that she gets the right amount of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the baby while you also get the same benefits for a healthy pregnancy. You can add it to smoothies or shakes for a healthier boost or eat it plain with fresh fruits for a nutritional snack.

Lean Meats

Choose organic meats which are produced naturally, are fresher and have more nutritional content. Meat is a perfect source of protein and choline. Make sure to trim off the excess fats so that you do not load yourself with unwanted extra fat which may not be good for you and the baby. Limit or avoid hot dogs and other deli products because of the risk of passing on parasites and bacteria from the meat to your baby. Be creative when serving lean meats. You can make steaks; add it to your sautéed vegetables or even with cream and mushrooms for a more fun pregnancy diet.


Just like when you are not pregnant, oats will give you the much needed fiber, iron, vitamin B, and other important minerals for the baby’s overall growth and development and for you as well. You can fix it during mornings for a quick healthy breakfast, turn it into cookies or add to meatloaf for a load of this healthy food source. Mix your regular oatmeal with freshly sliced fruits or a drizzle of milk and honey to make it more appetizing.

These foods for pregnant women are the many sources of important nutrients for the baby’s overall growth and development. If you are not fond of these ten foods listed above, just choose 2 or 3 of these and you are good to go.

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