All About Formula One Racing

All About Formula One Racing

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Formula One Racing 300x200 All About Formula One Racing

Formula One racing cars participate in the Grand Prix which is a sporting event that takes place In three days the event normally take place on the days of Friday , Saturday and Sunday.  Before the main event which takes place on Sunday, there are a number of seasons of practice and qualifications that the cars must go through.  The regulations of this event provide for three practice sessions that take place on Friday before the qualifying season which normally takes place on Saturday before the main race which is raced on Sunday.

During this special formula one racing, there are other races which take place to entertain the crowd before the main formula one racing event. Other races such as those in the FIA series are provided for so as to entertain the crowd. Normally the commencement of the formulae one grand prix race commences on Friday with two sessions each 90 minutes of practice where the drivers use this opportunity to learn the circuit and to choose the settings for a particular track. The drivers will then have a third practice session on Saturday morning which lasts for one hour. In the Friday session, a part from the regular drivers, a third driver is allowed to take part in the practice session.  Each team is allowed to nominate their third driver who is to take place in the first session.

The Monaco Formula One racing Grand Prix on the other hand begin on a Thursday and the drivers rest on a Friday. In Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, the Grand Prix normally take place in the evening because the events normally take place at night.

The Formula One racing qualifications will take place on Saturday afternoon where there are three knockout stages with the first qualifying stage taking duration of 20 minutes. During this period, the 22 cars on the circuit take part in the even with drivers allowed to set a qualifying time. At this time the six cars that are considered the slowest are eliminated from the competition. Drivers who attempt to set a qualifying time when the period end may be allowed to complete his lap but one is not permitted to start a new lap once the period ends.

Drivers are allowed to take a short break before the second period commences where 16 cars are put on each circuit. After the end of the 15 minutes period, the 6 slowest cars are once more eliminated this leaves 11 cars to fill the grid positions. The drivers are then taken to the third qualifying period where the 10 fastest drivers feature.

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