Freelancing: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Freelancing: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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We all know that it is sweet to become your own boss and work at your own set timelines.
This is how freelancing has transformed the lives of many people. However, freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages and the reality is that as much as many people end up living the lifestyle of their dream through freelancing, some people end up miserable and worse than they were before their freelancing careers. Let us check on what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

Flexibility of Working Hours

Have you ever thought of choosing your own working hours and taking an off whenever you feel like it? It is possible that you can work at any time you feel most productive if you are a freelancer. You don’t have to burden yourself with the regular work hours as long as you meet your targets and deadlines. This is one of the best things about freelancing; you get to work anytime you want at any pace and at any given day. You manage your own time and you set your own quota. For example, you’re a writer and you were asked to submit a book after 3 days. As a freelancer, you have the opportunity not to work on your 1st and 2nd day, however on the 3rd day you’ll work double to make up for the 1st and 2nd day and to hit the turnaround time given by your client. This is the beauty of freelancing; you own your own time.

You can Work from Anywhere

With freelancing, you can definitely work anywhere you want as long as there is an Internet connection.

You can work at home, work in a hotel while traveling, you can work on top of a mountain while on vacation and even work in the kitchen while cooking! As long as you have stable Internet connectivity and power on your computer or laptop, you are always good to go. Freelancing has made the traditional office environment much like a playground.

You have Control over your Projects and Clients

Another beautiful aspect of being a freelancer is your ability to control your projects and clients. Unlike in the traditional working environment where you can get stuck with one job for ages no matter how horrible it is, freelancing gives you the opportunity to enjoy working for different clients under different environments as per your preferences. This ensures that if you are not comfortable with doing a given job or working for a specific client, you can always easily part ways and look for new projects. To this effect, you are not tied down to a specific job or client. If you feel like you need a rest, then don’t commit to any clients and if you feel like you need a big income for this month to pay for your bills then you can work double or even triple.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

Even though there are many benefits of becoming a freelancer, freelancing also has its own set of demerits. Here are some of the disadvantages of being a freelancer that you might want to consider before opting to change your career from offline to online.

Unsteady Work loads

Because a freelancer is most often a contractor, there are instances when the contracts come to an end and you are left without work. During such times, you are forced to undergo financial constraints as you seek other opportunities. This can disorganize a freelancer who does not plan his time well. This is actually common especially if you’re a starting freelancer and your career is not yet stabilized.

No Employer Benefits

Even if you are your own boss, you will not be entitled to personal benefits such as medical cover among other allowances. This also means that you are paid only when you work and should you fall sick, then, there is no pay for you! Unless of course your client is very generous that he values your contribution hence he is willing to give you extra cash despite being unable to work.

Make a Choice Today!

You have heard of the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing and as much as there may still be other merits and demerits not listed herein, we have given you enough information to enable you to choose as to whether you are really interested in becoming a freelancer or not. The good thing here is your earnings will really depend on how much work you put into it. So weigh things out and be a freelancer if ever you feel like being one.

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