Best Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

Best Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

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Best Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss 300x196 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss

While all types of fruits and vegetables are generally good for the body, there are certain kinds of produce that are especially recommended in weight loss programs. By incorporating these in one’s diet, you can achieve your desired goals of losing weight quickly.


Apples have high concentration of Vitamins C and E which are both anti oxidants. You need these when you are engaged in strenuous weight loss programs as the system may be exposed to too much stress and hard work. Because of its delicious taste, apples can serve as snacks. Just carry these with you when you go to the gym and you can munch on a piece every time you get hungry.


Aside from its high Vitamin C content, oranges can also speed up the body’s metabolism. And as we all know, a well functioning system is more efficient in shedding off fat especially when special weight loss procedures are also applied in one’s routine. Oranges can be juiced or eaten whole. Like apples, these are also easy to carry around with you as snacks whether you are going to the gym, at work, or at school.


Avocados contain high amounts of Omega 3 and 6 which are good for the heart. You need a strong heart especially if you are carrying out various cardiovascular exercises throughout the day. You can add this fruit to your juice recipes or serve them as dessert.


The anti-bacterial properties contained in broccoli will make your body resistant against free radicals and stress. In fact, this type of vegetable is also known as an effective preventive measure against cancer growth. You can eat this veggie steamed or cooked; and you can also add it to your juice recipes if you are on a juice diet program. Broccoli has a pleasant taste, so you will not find it hard to incorporate this in your diet.


Asparagus tips are commonly used as appetizers but they are actually good for weight loss programs too. This type of veggie is high in fiber and it can reduce constipation problems. Regular bowel movement is helpful in losing weight as the body will be able to expel toxins from the system so that it can shed off fat more efficiently.


Carrots are known for their high Vitamin A component, but they are also loaded with other vitamins and minerals as well. Your body will be able to recuperate quickly from a heavy workout when it has proper supply of nutrients; and you will also feel good about yourself.

Go Organic

In order to get the maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables, it is also recommended that you get these from organic sources. If this is not possible, then just make sure that all the ingredients are washed thoroughly under running water before consuming them.

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