Fun Workout : Cycling to Lose Weight

Fun Workout : Cycling to Lose Weight

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Exercise can help you stay fit and healthy. However, the repetitive routine can be boring and less interesting. Once in a while its best that you opt for other alternatives that can help  stimulate your metabolism and entertain you at the same time. Let’s say instead of hitting the gym, why not try a fun workout like cycling?

Cycling is a Fun Sport That Can Help You Stay Fit

Yes, you heard me right! This sport is now used by many to shed pounds. This sport requires you to make different movements and sweat out. Cycling for half an hour can increase your metabolic rate and burn 75-670 calories depending on your weight and exertion. It also helps tone the major muscle group on your legs such as your calves, quadriceps, hamstring and glutei.

Cycling is not only fun and exciting, it can also help you socialize with others, and chances are, you’ll meet people who also share the same goal! These people that you meet along the way can be your weight loss companions, and like what most diet specialists recommend, exercising with a buddy can make you more motivated and entertained at the same time.

Repetitive Exercise Routine Leads to Diet Boredom

How many times have you encountered dieters who complain about their boring exercise routines? I’ll say it happens frequently. These diet techniques are no doubt effective in making you burn calories and fat. However, when it is carried out repetitively dieters often suffer from boredom, and it leads to diet fatigue.

When a Dieter gets stressed out with exercising, hitting the gym can suddenly becomes a burden, and it greatly affects their mood and stamina, their low energy level is a result of their decreasing interest and lack of motivation. Because of this, the usual hours that they spent at the gym are cut short and losing weight becomes almost impossible to achieve.

Cycling is Your Escape From Your Boring Exercise techniques!

Cycling, on the other hand, is an entirely different experience. The ever-changing views that you see as you get close to Mother nature will keep you entertained! Furthermore, the fast phased motion also gives you the adrenaline rush, and it’s just what you need to boost your energy to make you last longer!

The growing support for cycling as a fun workout to lose weight encouraged many dieters to try this sport. And it made way for many cycling paths to open for dieters and cycling enthusiast to try.

Cycling Can Make You Healthier Too!

  • Cycling is considered a best alternative for cardio exercises. This sport can give your heart and lungs an overall workout which is very helpful in improving your cardiovascular health.
  • Cycling helps improve your stamina. When your heart and lungs get used to the pressure that you insert when performing this sport, your tolerance for extreme activities also increases, and that allows you to perform more activities.
  • Cycling can help lower down your blood pressure and decrease your risk of heart diseases. The boost of metabolism that you get while performing it can help burn your dormant fat and decrease your resting pulse rate.

Cycling Tips For Starters

Before you go aboard and enjoy cycling, it’s best that you consult your physician to check if you are physically fit to try this sport. Once you get an approval then you are ready to go. Cycling is not a complex sport. Though it requires a great deal of balancing, cycling has lesser mechanics compared with other sports.

To start with, you need to get yourself a good bike. Out in the market today there are different types of bikes made available for beginners and pros. If it’s your first time to ride a bicycle, make sure that you choose a bike that you find most comfortable. At this point, a dealer’s advice can be very helpful.

You should also get a cycling apparel. Comfortable shoes and cycling wear can help you get started. Once you are all set you can start biking for at least 10-15 minutes for the first week. You can gradually increase your minutes up to half an hour or more when your body is ready.

When choosing your cycling path, start from a road with least bumps and obstacles. You can initially drive around your block for few miles until you are confident enough to go out on the road. Stay of the hill and dirt road and stick with a flat surface first until you are ready to take it to the next level. Remember to take things slow and try to enjoy the experience.

When you feel that you are suitable to go for long miles and different cycling path, you can try cycling off to work instead of taking the bus. Increasing your speed can also make your experience more fun and exciting.

Amp Your Weight Loss Potential with Cycling and Health Eating!


Here’s a tip that can be very useful, especially if you aim to lose weight with this fun workout. Before you take the first meal of the day, it’s highly recommended that you do cycling for at least 30-60 minutes. This practice can help you burn more calories and fat.

Healthy eating once established can also make your dieting fruitful. Eating a variety of foods rich in carbohydrate and fiber everyday can help you get more energy to use for your daily cycling. Carbs and fiber also keep your muscle supplied with glycogen, which is what you need to stay in shape.

Cycling is Not an Ordinary Workout!

Cycling indeed is a fun workout that men and women at any age can perform. It’s a fun workout that allows you to have fun and lose weight. There’s nothing wrong with trying out different activities, especially if you want to stay fit and get a slim figure. Being more adventurous with your dieting is more helpful, than sticking with your old routine and get bored repeatedly. Give this fun workout a try and you will surely get a sexy figure in no time!

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