German-Based Shopping Mall Chain in Pakistan – Metro Shopping Malls

German-Based Shopping Mall Chain in Pakistan – Metro Shopping Malls

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German Based Shopping Mall Chain in Pakistan – Metro Shopping Malls German Based Shopping Mall Chain in Pakistan – Metro Shopping Malls

Metro shopping malls are German based mall chains in Pakistan.
Metro has many branches in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and several other cities in Pakistan. All its branches are large buildings with items ranging from stationery to heavy electronic appliances. This provides a stellar shopping experience no matter what you need to buy. Apart from Pakistan, Metro has over 700 stores spread across countries in three continents, namely Asia, Africa and Europe. This shopping conglomerate employs more than 100,000 workers across the globe.

Metro Branches in Pakistan

There are five metro branches in Pakistan. These are found in Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Lahore. Lahore has two branches, one at the airport and the other branch near the Canal Bank. The Metro Mall in Faisalabad is located on Sargodha Road and is a landmark of sorts so you cannot miss it. The Karachi branch is in Okerawi and situated Near Safari Park Gulshan. The Metro Branch in Islamabad is located near the Railway Carriage Factory.

What you can Find in Metro

In all branches of Metro, the management claims that they have more than 20,000 products and items under a single roof. The Metro Shopping Malls offer anything and everything for sale. They have categories such as electronics, foods/edibles, furniture, household appliances, clothing, cars and automobiles, and toys among many others. You can purchase items in bulk at wholesale prices and save money in the process. Wholesale purchases have to be upward of 2,000 rupees.


The Metro Malls are easily distinguishable by their blue color, immense size and the life size “Metro” logo at the entrance of every mall. This mall features cash-and-carry shopping where the customer checks himself/herself out at the cashier. They only accept cash payments in cash-and-carry Metro malls. This shopping mall is an all inclusive shopping experience where you get the widest variety of products all under one roof in either wholesale or retail quantities and prices. When it comes to parking space this mall has an adequate parking space and security. You can also choose from its extensive grocery section with fresh fruits and vegetables. The best part is there’s an enhanced shopping experience with music in the background as well as responsive customer support.

Parking Facilities

In every branch of the Metro Mall in Pakistan, a wide area for parking is available. You can park in the open level parking, indoor ground level parking, or the basement level parking. The parking areas are generally secure for your vehicle.

What is Different in This Mall?

The basic difference of Metro from the other malls is that there is no entry allowed for children at certain age. The management is of the opinion that children are too young for the vast mall and may get lost, thus they are prohibited entry. Another problem that many people face in the first time they go shopping in Metro is acquiring the membership card or an NTN number. Without this membership card or NTN number, you are not allowed to shop from the mall.

For Members Only

All in all, Metro Malls offer a conducive shopping experience with a vast variety of goods under one roof and available at fair wholesale prices. When it comes to prices indeed these shopping malls are the best, its prices are competitive and seems to be the lowest as compared to other shopping malls however because children at certain age may not be allowed to enter plus the fact that shoppers must have their NTN number to be allowed to shop is the only downfall of this shopping mall. So enjoy shopping in these malls if you are looking for cheap items, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

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