Gigante Como São Paulo – Centro Commercial Aricanduva

Gigante Como São Paulo – Centro Commercial Aricanduva

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Gigante Como São Paulo Centro Commercial Aricanduva 300x250 Gigante Como São Paulo   Centro Commercial Aricanduva

Centro Commercial Aricanduva is one of the largest
shopping centers of Latin America. This shopping mall is spread over the area of about 247,027 square feet. It is situated in the district of Cidade Líder. “Gigante como São Paulo” is the slogan of the mall meaning so huge like São Paulo. The Centro Comercial Aricanduva is the 5th largest mall next to West Edmonton Mall, King of Prussia Mall, Mall of America and South Coast Plaza. This shopping mall is a hub to many shopping stores, interior stores, and auto shops. This shopping mall is the first preference of many consumers because of its competitive yet high quality items.

Car Showroom

The Centro Commercial Aricanduva comes with 15 dealers that are dealing in automotive. They have established their own show rooms to attract clients. It is the only mall that offers great services in the field of automobile. You’ll find here more than 5,000 used cars, new cars with guarantee and evaluation, many service shops like insurance for the car, financial institutions and banks that grants loan for the automobiles.

Motor bike Showroom

Aside from variety of cars, you’ll also find here motor bike showroom. A special test track facility is offered to the customer so they can buy the cars or motor bikes after full satisfaction. Some examples of automobile and motor bike dealers who have their own showrooms inside this shopping mall are; Honda, Suzuki, André Ribeiro, Nissan, Peugeot and many more. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Dafra – Motorcycle are some of the motor bike dealers.


To provide entertainment, there are 14 theatres, 3 superstores, 2 home appliance hubs, 3 food corners, activity area, new DMV drive east and many more entertainment options and leisure places are found here. It is a hub of fashion designers that provides a great variety of fashionable garments and other products. Both local and international brands are found here. Some famous brands which regulate the business here are; Kaluga, C & A, Marisa & Family, Lojas Americanas, Via Veneto, Ponto Frio, RI Happy.

Interior Home Decor

For interior and home décor, there are also many options available in this shopping mall. You can choose the perfect interior for your room. On the other hand many material and construction company offices are opened in the mall so the people can directly consult with the dealers. Some companies like Walmart, C & C Dicico and Cinemark are the best examples.

Explore the Great Wonders of Centro Commercial Aricanduva

Indeed, this shopping mall has its own unique style of attracting shoppers. Because of its vast showrooms for cars and motor bikes it is able to magnet a large crowd. Therefore, this shopping mall is a certified fun and entertaining mall that will please your eyes with the beauty of its showrooms and luxurious ambiance. So explore the great wonders of this shopping mall and have fun the whole day. There are a lot of theatres to choose from and variety of restaurants to eat or dine from, so this shopping mall is perfect for family get away and to enjoy the weekends.

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