How to have a Good Relationship with Annoying Colleagues

How to have a Good Relationship with Annoying Colleagues

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Good Relationship with Annoying Colleagues 300x200 How to have a Good Relationship with Annoying Colleagues

As the professional activity and your career depend on the interactions that you have with your colleagues, you will need a good relationship with all of them, even if some of them are annoying all day long, making you feel like throwing them on the window. Here are the most important categories of colleagues that annoy others, and some ideas about getting along with their bad habits.

1. The Colleague that Talks too Much

This type of colleague is the one that is not able to keep any kind of information for himself. In the majority of time, his “secrets” are said intentionally, and those are classified as the gossipers of the office.

Such a colleague could become a real danger for your professional reputation, especially if you are his or hers target. How can you “neutralize” him? By not giving him reasons to talk about you. Keep your private life to yourself and don’t talk to anyone about your activities at home, and especially those that you don’t want to be exposed to the entire company.

2. The lazy one

Another type of colleague that can annoy you (and he will, if you give him the change) is the lazy one. This colleague is great at faking work all day long, without actually doing anything useful. The problem appears when you work in the same team, and suddenly, he needs your help to respect a deadline.

Don’t be fooled by insistences, and words that would mage you feel guilty for not helping. Once you give him a finger, you can be sure that he will take the whole hand, and finally, he will take all the credits for your work.

Choose to ignore when he asks for help. You have your tasks and deadlines, and if you work as a team, establish clear tasks for the respective person, and make sure he is penalized in case those tasks are not accomplished.

3. The grumpy one

The grumpy colleague always has something to comment about anyone, from colleagues to bosses, and even about the cleaner. His attitude is always negative, and if you stay too long around him, you will start to have the same attitude.

How can you “manage” such a colleague? Try to avoid him, or if it is not possible, try not to encourage him by approving or contradicting what he is saying.

4. The ambitious colleague

Although you are a model employee that gets the job done every time, there will always be another colleague that wants to make you feel incompetent. Such a colleague has great ambitions, being able to step over anybody that stays in his or hers way. He might also be servile with bosses, which transforms him in the most annoying type of colleague.

This colleague must be avoided, as you need to stay away from his projectiles, so you won’t be considered a potential rival. If you want to fight with him, prepare for a tight and unfair battle, from which you might not come out as a winner even if you deserve to win.

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