A Great Evolution from Amalgam – Del Amo Fashion Centre

A Great Evolution from Amalgam – Del Amo Fashion Centre

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A Great Evolution from Amalgam Del Amo Fashion Centre 300x240 A Great Evolution from Amalgam   Del Amo Fashion Centre

Del Amo Fashion Center is one of the largest shopping malls of Torrance, California, USA. Simon Property Group is currently the owner of this establishment who is controlling the management and other operations. The gross leasable area of  this wonderful centre is about 2.2 million square feet.
There are many shops, stores, supermarkets, salons, spas, book shops, kids’ activity area, multiple restaurants health courts and an AMC Theatre multiplex to amaze you. It is neither totally outdoor nor indoor. You can say that it is a mixed of both outdoor and indoor style so that the people with any kind of mood will be enticed to hang out. The environment of the mall is very pleasant and comfortable even on its outdoor areas.

Shopping Experience

The local residence as well as the tourist visits this shopping centre for recreation of mind and body. Usually on weekends, this shopping mall is over crowded with people. It has undoubtedly raised the standard in terms of shopping and luxurious lifestyle. The environment is pleasant and clean. It is sort of a hub dwelled by many international world recognized brands such as Forever 21, Gap, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Lucky, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters and many more. Parking facility also exists for the customers and visitors.

Food Experience

If you’re tired of shopping and need a delicious cuisine to bite then there are branded restaurants, sushi restaurants, food corners and health courts available anywhere. Similarly, single burger shops are also present to fulfill the desire of burger lovers. For fizzy drinks, coffee and tea lovers, there are many coffee bars, tea shops and fizzy drink shops anyone can enjoy at an affordable price although there are really some restaurants that are expensive. However, the usual prices are at an affordable rate that I’m sure you will find reasonable to purchase.

Movie Experience

For movie lovers, you can have a great movie experience in the AMC movie theatre multiplex. The theatre is usually full yet it can cater a big crowd. Here you will see a stadium style seating arrangement, you are assured that you won’t be obstructed when watching for each seat level has a riser and an adjustable arms that can easily be raised in case you want to watch movies on a loveseat style of seating. For some, AMC movie theatres offers a Dine-In style of movie watching to ensure optimum level of satisfaction when watching a movie.

Get All your Wishes Come True

Shopping, dining, and movie watching are the most crucial features of a shopping haven. Without any of these then the shopping mall will surely be a boring place to visit. However, it is not the typical boring shopping centre you’ll ever visit. This shopping mall is packed with complete excitement, fun and entertainment usually not found in other shopping centres. So if you want to enjoy your weekend or create a memorable happening, then visit the Del Amo Fashion Centre and get ready to be blown away by how much fun this shopping mall has to offer.

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