The Great Mall of China – Golden Resources

The Great Mall of China – Golden Resources

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If you’re amazed by the Great Wall of China then here’s another tourist attraction that will capture your attention when it comes to shopping. China is the home of one of the biggest shopping centre which most tourists called “The Great Mall of China”.
This shopping mall is located in Beijing, district of Haidian. It is said to be one of the biggest shopping havens in China with an area of 6 million square feet and is comprised by 6 floor levels.

More than Just a Place for Shopping

During 2004-2005, it was considered the world’s largest shopping centre. After its 20 months of construction, it was completed in October of 2004. With a lot of artificial pyramids, rivers, parks, gourmet market, other eateries, ice skating rink and many more, the establishment gives the impression of being more than simply a place for shopping. More than 1,600 stores and retail shops are located inside that deals in all kinds of products and service. In these stores, you will find everything, whether you come to do your personal shopping like clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, watches, and other accessories or to buy some household items like home décor, interiors, furniture and fixture of the house, you will find all the things under one roof!

Caters Mainly to Top-End Consumers

It is one of the biggest malls of China, that’s the reason the prices of the products are a little over the top or expensive. You’ll find unique items ranging from Italian bathroom sink, Jaguars, Colonial style desks, handmade violins, goat leather motorcycles jackets and a lot more. These items are not commonly found in other shopping centres.


A skating rink is mainly made for the entertainment of the visitors. People come here often especially mothers who want to let their kids enjoy skating with friends. The area reserved for the restaurants is about two times of the football field size. A movie theater as a component of it is a source of entertainment for most adults. For children, there is an arcade gaming zone and a sports area where they can stay and have fun the whole day. The main drawback of it is that the building of the mall is very huge but not visited by the number of people in the same ratio because it is located at a remote location.

Other Specialties

There are more than 600 specialty stores like supermarkets, hypermarkets, boutiques, branded outlets and many more. Almost 100 restaurants and more than 8 entertainment places, it provides a place of multi-use complex. The six floors  are classified for the consumer requirements such as beverages, sports, food, stores, culture, entertainment, luxuries and many more. Each and every thing is available right there. All you need to do is take a complete stroll inside of this establishment and this is possible with the use of its 230 escalators making your shopping experience comfortable and easy.

Discover the Beauty

The Golden Resources shopping centre is indeed deserving of its name as the “Great Mall of China”. This is mainly because of the size it has and the number of stores in it. Surely if you plan to explore this great shopping haven you must be wide awake and alert in order not to get lost. Discover the beauty of this shopping centre together with your friends.

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