Great Tips for Applying Makeup

Great Tips for Applying Makeup

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Great Tips for Applying Makeup 300x244 Great Tips for Applying Makeup

Surely, you would want your makeup to enhance your beauty. For this reason, it’s important to know the right procedures with regards to its application. Otherwise, you can end up looking overdone; or worse, you can look like a clown.

Don’t Apply Too Much Makeup

You would want to go for a natural look as much as you can. Your foundation should blend with the color of your skin, so try to get the shade that’s closest to your skin complexion. Foundation is a necessary makeup as this will give your face a balanced look. It also serves as the base formula for your other makeup so that they can be applied on smoothly and evenly on your skin.

Lip Liners and Lipstick

Using a lip liner will serve as your guide when putting on lipstick. Covering your lips with lip liner will also enable your lipstick to stay on for a longer time. You can also use these tools to create the impression of smaller lips or fuller lips. Shading inside the lips can make your lips seem thinner, and shading the entire area gives a full lips impression. Just don’t make the mistake of shading outside the lips to make your lips seem fuller as this will only result in a messy and unnatural look.

Wear the Appropriate Makeup for the Occasion

You should know how to wear the right makeup for the right occasion. Your makeup for daytime wear, for example, should be different from your nighttime wear as the environment and atmosphere are very different too. Only light makeup is needed during the day, and darker shades of makeup can be applied at night.

Practicing Makeup Application

If you are not used to applying makeup, then you would certainly feel uncomfortable if you just suddenly start putting makeup on. You can therefore experiment with a few makeup procedures first, so that you can get used to it gradually.

One of the easiest types of makeup to put on is lipstick; so you can start with this. However, you should learn how to pick the right colors for you so as to make it look natural. Basically, your lipstick color needs to blend with your complexion; so you can try the contrasting method when choosing your lipstick. If you have a dark complexion, then you can try using light shaded lipsticks. And if you have a light complexion, then bright-colored ones would look good on you.

No Makeup

You can also choose to not wear any makeup, if that’s what you want. A natural look is actually beautiful too. But should you decide to wear makeup, then you should choose colors that are appropriate for you. Remember, you are still aiming for a natural look even if you are wearing makeup. It should not change your physical appearance so drastically that people won’t be able to recognize you anymore. Your makeup should simply enhance your beauty and not turn you into another person.

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