Grossest Dishes Not To Serve At Your Party

Grossest Dishes Not To Serve At Your Party

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Hosting a party at your home from time to time and enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones would be a good moral boost for you. But choosing what food to serve gives you a little challenge, especially if you are the type of person who wants to experiment. It is okay to try new dishes to serve to your guests, but there are foods that are a big no when it comes to serving it on your party. Here is a list of the top 10 grossest dishes not to serve at your party.

Soft boiled fetal duck

In the Philippines and Vietnam, this dish is a delicacy and is called “balut”. The soft boiled fetal duck is one of the most delicious eggs you might ever taste; that is if you can withstand the presence of a young undeveloped duck that comes with the egg.  People who enjoy eating this delicacy add salt and vinegar to the duck’s soup in order to minimize the foul smell that it produces.

Sheep or Goats head

This unusual dish is very popular in Asia and some parts in Northern Europe. The dish is best served with a very spicy soup in order for the foul smell to go away.

Raw Octopus

This dish is best served with vinegar. In Asian countries like Korea, Singapore and Japan, baby Octopus are served and placed on your plate while it is still alive. All you have to do is to dip their tentacles to vinegar and eat them raw.

Bat Paste

In Asian countries like China, Thailand and Guam, bats are delicacies and they are served as street food. Some will roast, and some will serve it with a soup. Either way, bats are known to be carriers of diseases. However, if you have the stomach to try their delicacy, you will surely enjoy the dish.

Jellied Moose Nose

This dish is famous in Alaska. The Moose’s nose is prepared like a jelly dessert where it is best serve cold.

Stink heads

This dish is an Alaskan delicacy where they cut the king salmon’s head, ferment and bury it until it decomposes. Then, when they dig it up, they eat the pulp. This native food has been around for many years, and it is very tasty.

Rotten Cheese

Known in other countries as Casu Marzu (Maggot Cheese), this dish is a mixture of pecorino cheese and Sardinian specialty. You have to eat it while live maggots are eating it also because if the maggots die, the cheese will become poisonous.

Tiet Canh

This Vietnam soup dish comes from diced meat and a duck or gooses’ blood which is served fresh from their body to your cup.

Moriche Worm

This worm is a delicacy in Valenzuela, and they can be found on the remote jungles there. It is known to be rich in protein and minerals and a natural source of Viagra.

Durian Fruit

Serving Durian fruit as your dessert for your guest will surely gross them out because of the foul smell and the bitter taste that it gives. Though there are people who can endure the smell and the taste of this Asian fruit, eating too much of it might cause you heart problems because of its high cholesterol content.

Parties are meant to celebrate a special occasion, so everyone is expected to enjoy. A great party should have an impressive menu, may it be as simple as cocktail food or as elaborate as fine dining. Thus, you should exclude these weird foods as much as possible.

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