Habits That Cause Breakouts

Habits That Cause Breakouts

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You may not be aware of it, but certain habits and practices can lead to breakout and pimple problems. Yes, this can happen even if you are practicing good hygiene and applying skin care products. That’s why it’s important to know which habits are bad for the skin; so that you can avoid developing breakouts and skin irritations.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

You are using your makeup brushes daily for makeup applications and touch ups too. You can therefore expect it to be dirty, as your face is constantly exposed to dust and dirt. Brushes for your blush on, concealer, and foundation are particularly used a lot during the day, so these items can also accumulate dirt the fastest. While it may not be necessary to wash and clean your makeup brushes every day, cleaning them up at least once a week is necessary so as to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Using the Same Pillow Case for a Long Time

No matter how much you clean your face before sleeping, some dirt will still remain on the surface. And as you toss and turn at night, said dirt can get onto your pillows. Dust, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can therefore accumulate on your pillow case and become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This can lead to having pimples, red spots, and even acne. So if you want to minimize your exposure to such problems, it would be good to change your pillow cases every day.

Using Your Fingers on Facial Products

Some people have the habit of dipping their fingers on containers of creams and other similar beauty products. This is not really hygienic as your hands may carry dust and germs. This practice can cause the solution to become infected; and this can lead to the multiplication of bacteria and other microorganisms. Instead of dipping your fingers on the mixture, you can use a cotton swab or a small spoon to scoop up cream from the container. Or you can purchase those types of products that come in tube form or pump containers.

Using the Phone

Phones carry a high percentage of germs as these are constantly used all throughout the day. And this is especially true for phones in the office as these are considered public utilities. Having the phone’s receiver constantly touching your face can expose your skin to germs and microbes; and these can cause infections and breakouts. You should therefore make it a habit to disinfect your phones by wiping these with alcohol and other types of sanitizing products.

Always Be Aware of the Causes of Skin Problems

By knowing which practices and habits are actually leading to having breakouts, you can avoid these types of problems all together. So basically, it calls for good hygiene and discipline; as some of our daily routines may actually be exposing our skin to harmful bacteria.

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