Harley Davidson Ventures in Motor Bicycle Engine

Harley Davidson Ventures in Motor Bicycle Engine

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Harley Davidson Ventures in Motor Bicycle Engine 300x156 Harley Davidson Ventures in Motor Bicycle Engine

Harley Davidson (HD) is one of the best bike engine manufacturers of motorcycles who plied his trade in the 20th century. His firm remains one of the few firms that were able to survive the great depression of the 20th century. During that time, the quality control was at its worst but Davidson survived that period. There was a fierce competition from Japan, but he was able to survive that ordeal.

HD firm has in the recent times specialized in heavy motorcycle whose capacity is 750cc. This bike is specifically designed to cruise on highways. The bike is heavily customized and is considered the chopper style motorcycle. There is off course the modern VRSC model which was designed for class and it is one of the few bikes that Harley specifically designed for class. His effort to establish himself as one of the leading in the light duty industry was not been successful and hence he abandoned this ambition in the 1978 and focused on heavy duty bikes.

Early Harley Davidson Bike Engine

The History of Harley and motorcycles started way back when he was barely 22 years old. This was the time when he drew plans of a small engine which had a displacement of 7.07 cubic inches. This engine was designed to be used in a regular pedal bicycle frame. Together with his friend Arthur, they worked on motor-bicycle until 1903 when the motor-bicycle was ready. They tested the motor-bicycle but realized that it could not climb some hills without the aid of the pedals. They started working on it with an intention of making it work better.

Invention of Bigger Engine

Harley Davidson later own developed a bigger engine whose capacity was 405 cc. The engine weighed about 28lb and had an advanced loop-frame similar to the 1903 version. Ole Evinrude gave the Harley some assistance from the experience he had gathered in the gas engines he had been building.

Harley-Davidson Prototype

Harley –Davidson assembled a prototype loop frame motorbike with most of the parts coming from elsewhere. The prototype machine was ready by September 8. The bike was ridden by Edward Hildebrand in Milwaukee motorbike race and finished fourth.

In 1905, an advertisement was placed in the Automobile and Cycle Trade journal and which offered Harley –Davidson some engines that he was to use to produce motorcycles. Harley grabbed this opportunity and he instantly started the production of the motorcycles. From there onward, Harley Davidson became a household name specializing in the manufacturing of Harley-Davidson bike.

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