Another Hero of F1 Racing

Another Hero of F1 Racing

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Another Hero of F1 Racing 300x199 Another Hero of F1 Racing

Sebastian Vettel is the F1 hero who is loved by almost everyone because of his thrilling races especially when pitied against the best. This driver is known to do everything within his reach to ensure that he wins any given race. Sebastian has also been working on his public persona so that he is viewed by the funs as a lucky guy who is always happy and who generally wins races.

Why Sebastian Vettel Is The Winner

What makes Sebastian Vettel the number one F1 racer is that he is calculative and very ruthless especially when he is determined to win a race. In some cases, he has to abide by firm instructions from his bosses to stay right behind mark Webber who is his team mate to make it possible for the two to win the races in positions one and two. This is the only strategy that can help his team gain maximum points from any given race. In Sepang, the two followed each other and fought for the lead keeping some distance between the two of them so as to avoid any possible collision.

Winner of Three Championships
Never the less Vettel urged Webber to get out of the way and this is what helped him win three world championships successfully. The details of the F1 race is broadcasted live by the Sky TV, this is what helped the public watch the thrilling championship and declare Vettel the F1 hero. There was time when Vettel could not follow the teams order because he could not understand them. This is what made Machiavelli to win one of the races. This portrayed Vettel as a ruthless dissembler who did not support the notion that formula one was a team’s sport.

Sebastian Vettel: Bad Boy of F1
On the other hand, F1 Superstar Button Jenson has given Vettel a run for his money. The superstar has been spotted hanging out with friends scheming on how he can take the F1 racer title from Vettel. All that Vettel cares about is to win a race. He does not care whether the win is unfair and whether it is a bad sport or not. The Multi 21 which is the code that his team uses does not really matter much to Vittel. He tries to stick to it but in some cases he finds himself flouting the code and this is what makes him a bad F1 hero. Regardless of all this, Vittel is considered the F1 race hero for most of the racing sport fan.

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