Highest Mountains in the World

Highest Mountains in the World

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Highest Mountains in the World Highest Mountains in the World

Mountains are majestic views that can only be appreciated once you’re on top of it. Looking at it from the bottom may not be as breath taking as being right on top of it while looking down. Mountains represent the words big, gigantic, huge and enormous right? These words do not only represent highest mountains in the world for this piece of land can also be measured through its height. There are also high mountains on earth that will really amaze you because its height is not as normal as the rest of the existing mountains. So what are these top 10 highest mountains in the world? Let’s find out and amaze ourselves of its unbelievable heights.

The Mount Everest – The Earth’s Highest Mountain

The mount Everest is found in the Himalayas specifically at Mahalangur and it measures a height of 8,848 metres or 29,029 feet if you based it on sea level. The unbelievable height of this mountain was published way back in 1856 by the British India’s great Trigonometric Survey. The Mount Everest was actually called by locals as Chomolungma. Because of its great height, there are a lot of mountain climbers challenged to take this mountain down and some would hire a pro to get them on top. However, this mountain comes with a lot of danger such as weather, wind and most of all altitude sickness.

The K2 Mountain– Popularly Known as the Mount Godwin Austen

This mountain is found in the borders of Pakistan and China. The parent mountain of this 2nd highest mountain is no other than the Mount Everest. This measures 8,611 metres or 28,251 feet in its highest peak. This mountain is very popular among mountain climbers because of the challenge it brings which in fact is the 2nd most deadly mountain to conquer because of its difficult and deadly ascent thus earning the name “the savage mountain”.

The Kangchenjunga Mountain– The Treasure Mountain

This mountain ranks 3rd and is known as “the Five Treasures of Snow” mainly because of its five peaks along the trail. This one measures at 8,586 metres or 28,169 feet. This is found between the borders of India and Nepal. This mountain has its highest peak located right in India. This mountain was first and originally climbed by George Band and Joe Brown back in 1995.

The Lhotse Mountain– The South Peak Mountain

Lhotse simply means the South Peak and is found in Nepal/Tibet. This mountain measures 8,516 metres or 27,940 feet when measured above sea level. The northwest part of this mountain is where most mountaineers would spend their time because of its challenging ascending route or trail. On its South face unfortunately is even more deadly and has been reported to have a lot of fatalities.

The Makalu Mountain– The Four Sided Pyramid Mountain

This mountain is the 5th highest mountain because of its amazing height of 8,481 metres or 27,825 feet. This mountain is said to have an isolated peak and comes with a weird four sided pyramid shape like feature. The first attempt on this mountain was done way back in 1954 by an American named William Siri. This is actually considered as one of the most challenging and very difficult mountain to climb.

The Cho Oyu Mountain– The Turquoise Goddess

Because this mountain is again found in the Tibetan area, its meaning symbolizes the Turquoise Goddess. This mountain ranks 6th and measures 8,201 metres or 26,906 feet. Just like any other mountains, this was also climbed back in 1954 of October through the use of its North West ridge by Austrian Expeditionary namely Herbert Tichy, Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama and of last is Joseph Jochler.

The Dhaulagiri Mountain– The White Beautiful Mountain

This mountain is still found in Himalaya Nepal and measures 26,795 feet. This is known for its beauty and has been climb by a lot of people ever since its discovery. In fact, it was climb first during an Austrian, Swiss and Nepali Expedition on May 13, 1960. This mountain is famous because of its sudden rise character from lower terrains going up all of a sudden which some climbers find a bit challenging.

The Manaslu Mountain – The Kutang Mountain

This mountain ranks 8th in the list for having the height of 8,156 metres or 26,759 feet once measured above sea level. The mountains name comes with great and symbolic meanings which is said to be known as the Mountain of the Spirit. This was conquered by two Japanese on their expedition back in 1956 in the month of May. This piece of land comes with major peaks namely the Himalchuli, the Langpo, the Saula and the Shringi.

The Nanga Parbat Mountain– The Naked Mountain

If you based on Sanskrit words, this mountain stands as the naked mountain however is you based it on the Islamic name Diamir which means king of the mountains. This is the 9th highest mountain on earth because it measures 8,126 metres or 26,660 feet. Because this is also a challenging mountain, no one attempts to climb this mountain during winter. The peak of this mountain is just so dramatic and immense that it could be considered as a threat for climbers.

The Annapurna Mountain – The Goddess of the Harvests

Measuring 8,091 metres or 26,545 feet, this Annapurna mountain falls as the 10th highest mountain on earth. Just like most of the highest mountains in the list, this one also has a Sanskrit name which means full of food and at the same time also considered as the Goddess of the Harvests. The peaks of this mountain were also considered as one of the most dangerous peaks in the world. It has also been reported that it comes with 38% fatality rate.

Climb These Mountain and Make a History Too!

Mountains are quite interesting to conquer and a challenge especially to mountaineers who wants to prove their selves and make a name in the world. Climbing can’t just be done by anyone and you must be prepared for it, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. There will be a lot of challenges and breaking down in the middle of your climb is not an option. So will you also climb these mountains and how far are you willing to go to reach the peak of the summit? Good luck!

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