The History and Evolution of the Shopping Mall

The History and Evolution of the Shopping Mall

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The History and Evolution of the Shopping Mall 300x240 The History and Evolution of the Shopping Mall

Have you ever thought of the history behind the immense,
beautiful and luxurious shopping malls? How the people thought about the need of these malls? Who gave the idea for the founding of these shopping malls? Who initiated this unique concept? How they thought to combine an entire package of shopping and entertainment under a single roof? These are the questions that will enter your mind once you thought about the evolution of shopping malls. So to help you seek answers to all your questions, let us discuss about these ideas of shopping.


In the old days, there was no concept of shopping. Initially people simply used things they owned. After that they started using the system that is known as “bartering system”. In this system, people usually exchange things either goods or a form of service with each other without any exchange of currency because at that time, there was no concept of money. For example; let’s say, there was a farmer who have vegetables and on the other hand, another farmer owns cows. Both farmers will exchange goods without any form of payment. In this way, both farmers fulfilled their needs. Eventually, the concept of money started and people start to think that there must be a standard currency through which they can make their trade with each other. After the concept of money, the concept of buying and selling started.


People start to realize that there must be a place from where they could invite the public to buy their products, and then shop concept cropped up. People in the past would set up small shops under the sun and in this way, started their small business. They would call on customers and market their products accordingly in exchange for money.

Modern era

With the advancement of shop concept, open bazaars and markets were established. From there, people started buying different products of their regular use in exchange of money. These markets were outdoor markets. People used to purchase the things under the sky, whatever the weather may be. In summers, they had to walk and shop under the sun. On the other hand, in winters they had to come out to shop despite the intense and freezing temperature because they didn’t had any other choice.

Then with the advancement, after identifying the needs of the customers, many indoor markets got established. In these markets, people got all the basic necessities of life like they can buy from these stores the grocery, garments, shoes and all other necessary items.

Economic Strength 

Then the investors started thinking about the allure and the glamor of life. They think why not to invest on a place from where the people can find a complete package of shopping as well as entertainment and glamor. Then the shopping mall concept revolutionized and today these are everywhere. They offer a complete package of all facilities like regular shopping, lavish shopping, a variety of cuisines in the restaurants, salons, gyms, health courts, play areas and many more facilities under one roof.

Now you Know!

Isn’t it amazing how the concept of shopping was revolutionized? Thanks to those people in the past who saw the need to purchase goods and services, without them there wouldn’t be any shopping malls today. Now, shopping malls have indeed evolved from simple outdoor shop to indoor shopping malls with complete facilities. I’m sure there’s nothing more pleasurable than having everything you need under one roof!

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