Hollywood Actresses That Went Nude in a Film

Hollywood Actresses That Went Nude in a Film

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Kate Winslet

Many actresses in Hollywood started their careers stripping off their clothes in films. Some of these actresses during their earlier years were never known to have stripped until they became an A-list star. Some actresses made themselves popular for going nude. Among all those, the top 10 Hollywood actresses that went nude in a film got their break because of doing such a daring act.

Jodie Foster

In the late 70’s and the 80’s Jodie was an A-list actress that everyone wanted and adored. There was even a fan that tried to kill a politician for her. Jodie started as a child star but developed her career being a sex symbol. Her first nude scene was in a movie called The Little Girl (1976) when she was 14 years old. Ever since that movie, she landed many movies that showed off her birthday suite. The best nude scene was on her award winning role in the movie The Accused in 1988.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was a fashion model and a struggling actress during the late 70’s and the 80’s. When she got the role of the erotic movie Basic Instinct, it propelled her to become one of the most in demand Hollywood celebrities in the early 90’s.  After Basic Instinct, she landed more roles that needed her to take her clothes off. Movies like The Specialist and The Quick and the Dead were both very successful and made her an A-list star.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is one of the most popular actresses in the 1980’s and the early 90’s. Demi was considered to be a sex symbol early in her career and she became famous because of her frequent nude scenes early in her careers. Her first nude scene was in the movie No Small Affair. The movie was not a big hit, but it was enough for audiences and directors to notice her beauty which landed her many roles that involved her stripping off her clothes.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is one of the biggest stars today. Her breakout role was in the movie Dead Calm which ironically, featured her first nude scene. Ever since the movie came out, many directors noticed her acting talent, and in the span of 20 years, she had numerous award winning movies that moved her to the A-list of stars. Nicole Kidman’s performance in the movie To Die For made her a sex symbol in Hollywood. However, her image was short lived since she was married to a mega star actor Tom Cruise.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron made her film debut in the movie Children of the Corn 3, but her first iconic role that made her a sex symbol was in the movie 2 Days in The Valley. After that movie, the Devil’s Advocate made her one of the most demanded actresses in the late 90’s, and with the help of Mighty Joe Young, Charlize became and A-list Hollywood star. Many award winning roles then followed in Charlize Theron’s career, and when the movie Monster Ball came and she won the best actress award, it made her one of the highest paid actresses of all time.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a Hollywood actress that is well noted to do a nude scene on her films. Her first nude scene was in the movie Heavenly Creatures, when she was barely 18 years old. Kate’s most iconic role was in the movie Titanic in 1997. The movie was considered to be the highest grossing film ever until Avatar came 12 years later. After Titanic, Kate had many movies that required her to take off her clothes and the last film that she had to do a sex scene was Revolutionary Road.

Rachel Weisz

Before Rachel Weisz became a top Hollywood actress today, she started her career in movies with a lot of nudity and sex scenes. She first bare her birthday suit in the movie Advocates when she was 20 years old, and since then, she was noted to be a sex symbol early in her career until the film The Mummy made her an A list star.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of the hottest Hollywood stars today and she started her career doing small roles. Her first nude scene was in the movie Alpha Dog which was considered the turning point of her career. The critically acclaimed TV series House helped get roles that propelled her to become the top female actresses in Hollywood today.

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is one of the top celebrities today. Before her rise to stardom, Rose’s first break came in the movie The Goddess of 1967 which helped her land the role of Mercedez in the movie Troy. Rose Byrne’s career propelled to stardom with the help of Damages, a TV series in the late 2000’s opposite Glenn Close. Rose has numerous naked scenes, but most of these scenes are no longer sexual.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth’s most notable role in Hollywood was her naked scene in the movie American Pie back in 1999. Ever since that movie was released, Shannon became a top celebrity and she received many roles that would require her to go naked. Shannon is one of the top sex symbol actresses in Hollywood today and most of her roles require her to show some skin.

There are many Hollywood actresses that have gone the same path as what these celebrities have gone. Some of them made it to the top while others are still on the verge of finding a break.

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