The Best Honda Racing Bikes

The Best Honda Racing Bikes

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Honda CBB Trigger 300x225 The Best Honda Racing Bikes

The Honda bikes are referred to as the top racing bikes because of their performance. The bikes are currently top on both off road and on road events. Among the most featured Honda bikes include the cruise motorcycle, the sport touring motorcycle, the scooters, the youth motorcycle, the super motorcycle, the dual sport motorcycle and the motocross motorcycle. In this article we are going to look at the 5 best racing bike from Honda.

Honda Sport-Touring Motorcycles

This is one of the models of Honda you can choose from, the motorbike comes with great features and has OEM accessories. It comes with complete specifications, suspension, wheels, transmission, seats and the brakes specifications.

Honda CBB Trigger

This is a Top racing bike whose engine capacity is 150cc. It remains the best bike that has an option of combi brake system. This bike is yet to be officially launched in the market but speculations are already rife that it will take the first position among racing bikes from Honda. Among the features that make the bike the best racing bike is its ability to develop 14.14 ps at 8,500 revolutions per minute and has a torque force of 12Nm.

The Honda CTX700

This model was unveiled for the first time at the Chicago International Motorcycle show. The bike boasts of technology, experience and comfort ability. There are two versions of this bike that have so far been unveiled. They include CTX700 N and the CTX700. The two versions share the same frame and all have a dual clutch transmission.

Honda ST1300 ABS

This is the 11th model of the sport touring motorcycle from Honda. The bike is well designed for driving on both unpaved and paved roads. This bike was first produced as a lone model. It is powered by the fuel injector and has a V-4 engine that is capable of displacing 1,261 centimeters cubic with an engine that is can generate 125 hp at 8,000RPM.

Honda VFR 1200F

This is a powerful but sleek bike that is fuel efficient and the most economical bike one can buy.  The bike has a powerful engine of 1237 cc which makes it generate a total of 170 hp in a very short period of time.

From the above discussion, it is obvious that the Honda is the best racing bike because of their power. Buying these bikes will enable you ride the most efficient bikes on earth.

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