Honey and Skin

Honey and Skin

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Have you been dreaming of a supple and smooth skin? Your All-in-One Beauty Product is Right in your refrigerator…

Yes, I am talking about honey, which is a natural skin care product right from your kitchen. Honey is one of the most fantastic gifts of mother nature. Aside from being great for your health, honey is a wonderful beauty product that helps you achieve healthy and glowing skin naturally.

Wanna know what does honey do for your skin?

Here are five most important benefits of honey to skin:


Honey has humectant characteristics and it is a great source of moisture, so it helps keep the skin well hydrated. Most skin irregularities happen due to a lack of moisture. Adding honey to your diet can help you provide the skin with the required amount of moisture. You can apply it directly to the skin as a mask to provide instant hydration. Honey is used in a variety of natural anti-aging skin care cosmetic products to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This is due to the fact that skin dryness can cause premature aging of the skin. So honey is used in order to make up for the deficiency of moisture.

Anti-Sunburn Treatment

Honey has always been very popular among women because of its antioxidant characteristics. So honey is used in various skin care products to protect the skin against sun damage. Overexposure to the sun rays can damage the skin and can cause premature skin aging. Honey is packed with anti-aging antioxidants that help screen harmful sun rays.

Acne Fighter

Honey is quite efficient in fighting against infections in the top layer of the skin by eliminating impurities. So honey can help deal with acne. Because of its antibacterial characteristics, honey can effectively reduce acne by killing off bacteria.


Honey can be used as a mild exfoliating agent, because of its effectiveness in terms of removing dead skin cells. Mix a tablespoon of honey with half tablespoon of crushed almonds and rub gently on your face and neck for at least five minutes. Rise off with warm water. This is an excellent homemade skin exfoliation mask that helps you get fresh and youthful skin naturally.

Skin Infections

Honey is one of the best natural beauty ingredients bestowed upon humans by mother nature. Honey has anti fungal characteristics; which make it a fantastic treatment for a variety of skin infections, such as ringworm. Honey can also fight against skin irritation and athlete’s foot.

Honey is mother nature’s best blessing that deserves to be added to daily diet. You can use honey in drinks, tea, and salads. Aside from consuming honey in diet, you can also use it as a natural skin treatment. Honey is an all rounder natural treatment for almost all types of skin flaws.

So what are you waiting for? Open your refrigerator, grab some honey, and apply it to your skin. That’s not all! You can use it in combination with various other kitchen goods to improve your skin. So use honey and look pretty!

What is your experience with honey? Let us know!

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