Most Impressive Malls in the World

Most Impressive Malls in the World

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West Edmonton Mall2 Most Impressive Malls in the World

Since the existence of malls, shopping was taken to a new level.
Those miniature cities now offer something for everyone to enjoy and those are some of the most impressive malls in the world. It is not surprising that most shopaholics as well as those people looking for relaxation or a fine dining are heading out to a mall to pamper their selves with what they want. Here are some of the most impressive malls in the world that will bring awe to your face!

Mall of America

This impressive mall in Minnesota includes a theme park and even a chapel where you can get married. It was opened in 1992, and it is the third biggest mall in North America. Being the most visited in the world, with more than 40 million people every year, this impressive mall is something you can’t miss. Even if you spend only ten minutes in every store, you will need about 86 hours to visit them all. Besides the already mentioned attractions, Mall of America includes an aquarium, a golf course and flight simulators.

 The Emirates Mall

The Emirates Mall is placed strategically in the center of Dubai, with a surface of 230,000 meters. This huge mall has 450 stores, and numerous possibilities to spend free time, including a ski course! Besides those, an impressive cinema can be found here, as well as a theater and an art gallery. In this mall, you will find two hotels with 900 rooms. Therefore, seeing the greatness this mall can provide, it is considered as one of the impressive malls not only in Dubai but around the globe.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

The Grand Canal Shoppes is another impressive mall in America and even if it occupies only 500,000 square feet, its architectural design makes it one of a kind and beautiful. This mall is situated in Paradise, Nevada and was opened in 1999, along with the Venetian Hotel. Amongst its attractions, we must mention the water channels that remind visitors of Venice, on which you can take a romantic trip with the gondola. The mall hosts numerous prestigious stores, and it even has concert halls. Since the year 2008, the Grand Canal Shoppes attracts 20 million visitors each year.

The Tokyo Mall

Situated in the central area of the Japan capital, it opened its gates to the public in 2007. In the interior, you can find many impressive stores and restaurants with an international recognition thus making this mall part of the list of the most impressive malls in the world. Here, you can find the Design Sight 21-21, an art gallery and a workshop created by the fashion designer Issay Miake.


Dubai has some of the greatest malls in the world; one of them is the Wafi, with 350 stores and some of the most original brands at a worldwide level. Some of them can only be found here, and this is the reason why it is the preferred destination of wealthy Dubai tourists. Because of its high quality products, this becomes not only Dubai’s impressive mall but of the world as well. Wafi guarantees an incredible experience to all its visitors. This mall was also declared the best mall for shopping in 2008 in the entire world.

West Edmonton

The largest Canadian Mall includes the biggest aquatic park in the world. It was built in 1981; it has over 800 stores and other services, and a parking lot with 20,000 spaces. In this mall, you can find thematic areas such as the Bourbon Street, clubs and restaurants on areas such as Europa Boulevard and Chinatown.

Impressing isn’t It?

These are few of the most impressive malls in the world, some are yet to be discovered and some are yet to be made. These impressive malls exist mainly for two reasons, first is to cater the local shoppers and second is to serve its international customers like no other malls in the world. I’m sure you’re impressed!

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