Should You Allow Interns in Your Business?

Should You Allow Interns in Your Business?

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Should You Allow Interns in Your Business 300x210 Should You Allow Interns in Your Business?

An internship program according to NACE or the National Association of Colleges and Employers back in 2009 claimed that almost 67.7% of interns are offered a full time job position in a company, 83.6% offers were accepted and 35.3% of those employees working full time now came from an internship program. Basing on these results, do you think an internship program is a good thing to start in your business or company? Let us explore and dig deeper if indeed this program is a wise decision or not.

Mold the Perfect Employee

Interns can be considered as fresh, vibrant, proactive, energetic, competitive and most importantly ambitious. Having these kinds of people within your company is like having hungry people willing to be fed with information to get them started in their career. This also means you have the opportunity to mold your interns to ideal employees which your business or company can certainly benefit from!

Look No More for Future Employees

Now, who is better suited for any position in your company once you’ve molded your interns and trained them positively to take part in running your business? Obviously, that would be your interns. So why hire other employees when you have your interns to hire in the future. This is honestly a wise move to do; in business you must be wise and clever. You must be eager to have all the good staffs and consider leaving those that are not useful to your business. In terms of business, everything is strictly business. No personal involvements or whatsoever to ensure professionalism in the business.

Short Term Support

If you have no plans on hiring your interns then consider them as your short term team support. Internship program really comes handy especially if you need additional support in your team. You don’t have to hire them permanently yet they can work for you short term and give you what you need. On the other hand, you are also increasing the productivity of your business. This is hitting 2 birds in one stone. Extra hands without the need to pay and provide any long term contract are definitely a good thing to have in the business.

Exposure to Top Notch Colleges

Looking for the right candidate for your business is quite tough. It’s really hard to look and hire for the best employee suited to fill in the vacant position in your company. If you opt for an internship program, it also means you are exposing your business to some of the best colleges out there where potential employees in the future can be found.

Allow Interns in your Business Now

Interns are really helpful and useful. These are people with a lot of spirit and jive to work like a machine and all they need is proper training and guidance. So what are you waiting for? Why not opt for an internship program and see what good or advantages these people can bring to you.

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