Issues That Women Feel Guilty About

Issues That Women Feel Guilty About

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Issues That Women Feel Guilty About 300x200 Issues That Women Feel Guilty About

Women in general have different issues that they need to face every day. One of them is guilt. Almost all of the things that they do, they end up feeling guilty. Here are the top 10 issues that women feel guilty about.

Time with Children

In the modern world, women tend to work in the office or focus on their career for about half of the day. They spend the rest of the day either preparing food for the family or resting. For married working women, it can be a bit of a daunting task for you schedule your time with your children thus, women tend to feel guilty about not being able to spend quality time with their children. The best way to handle this is to talk to your children especially right before they head to bed and explain to them that their mother is working and that they have the weekends to spend time with you. This way, you will not be alienating your children and your family.

Losing Weight

Women are often jealous creatures. They feel insecure about the images that the society perceive them to be. Sometimes, when women see a sexy figured woman, they tend to want the same figure so that they feel attractive or they feel beautiful for themselves. So, they often go into a diet or exercise rigidly just to get the figure and yet they end up guilty about their own body especially their weight. Women in general will have a hard time trying to lose weight. And when that happens, the guilt they feel is multiplied and they feel depressed that they are not able to come up with such figure.

Spending Money

Most of the time, when payday arrives, women tend to think of spending money for shopping on new clothes and shoes. Women tend to enjoy shopping unlike men and it gives them the quality time they need for themselves. But, as much as they would love to shop for clothes and shoes, sometimes they feel that they are neglecting the other people that are in their lives. They feel guilty for not being able to give enough attention to other important people like family and friends.

Unhappy Partner

Sex is an integral part of a relationship. Sometimes when women don’t feel like it, they tend to say no to their partners. This can often result into a fight or a disappointment on either side. It could be that the partner wants to seek more or the woman is not able to give more. This can be very burdensome for the woman and thus she ends up feeling guilty about not being able to give what her partner wants from their relationship. To resolve this, schedule a time of the day or the week that both of you are not busy so you can talk about it. Talk about your relationship problems so that you will not feel guilty about it.

Being Late

There are a lot of inconveniences that can happen along the way wherein a woman can run in late. Although these circumstances can be avoided, there are times that it is very impossible not to be late. Women do not like it when they come in late as they feel that they do not value other people’s time. This is where she gets guilty. In order to avoid this feeling, women should know the exact time and start preparing an hour or two before the deadline. This means that women should already have their makeup and clothes set up by the time they get into the cab.

Not Being There for the Party

Women always feel that they need to contribute to a social gathering by either hosting the party or at least provide food or entertainment. This is why when women are not able to play hostess to a party for family and friends due to work or any other obligation, they begin to feel guilty. Women in general should check their schedule to see if they can host a part for family and friends. If not, try to reschedule. If you are able to, feel free to leave some time on your schedule to allow yourself to check on the kids or do other things so that you can do both of your responsibilities.

Forgetting Birthdays

Today, women are busier and they have a lot of things to do. This can often result to forgetting important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Come to think of it, these are important matters that you need to attend and yet you failed to go. This can result to a feeling of guilt for most women but to resolve this, try to check your calendar from time to time. Note every important date that you need to attend. Make sure that you are informed or reminded a day or two prior to the said event

Being Selfish

As much as modern women work hard for their career and family, they always try to find time for themselves. It can either be going to the spa or have a coffee date with their best friends at the local coffee shop. This me-time can cause misunderstanding to others if they are not informed especially if you already have a partner. Try to inform your partner that you want to spend time for yourself and indulge in things that make you happy. Remind them that they are still important and that they are also a part of the things that make you happy but this me-time is also a private time for yourself.

Letting Parents Down

Sometimes, when we get busy, we tend to renege on our promises. This can be very disappointing for people who were expecting from the promise that you have made. This can be twice as discouraging when you promised your parents to be there on the weekend or any other promises you have made with your parents. To avoid this feeling of guilt, try to make it up to them by surprising them.

Saying NO

It is very hard for a woman to say no and not end up feeling guilty about it. In the modern world, women should always know when to say no to the things that make them feel uncomfortable. Never apologize for the things that you say no to and never feel guilty about it.

These are just few things that make women feel guilty about themselves. Thankfully, you have resolutions that can turn things around.

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