Lance Armstrong Latest Ride in Iowa Cycling Event

Lance Armstrong Latest Ride in Iowa Cycling Event

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Lance Armstrong Latest Ride in Iowa Cycling Event

Redemption is the key to every legend. Lance Armstrong, despite doping, made history by winning the Tour De France countless times. This is a feat that made us look at what the limit is of the human body. Known to be a cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, may have used illegal substances in order to reinvent his own physique, he is now looking for a second chance as he was seen riding in Iowa Cycling Event.

Disgraced But Not Yet Over

Though it is not as big as the Tour De France, Lance Armstrong riding his bike again is a thing of wonder. In fact, riding part of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, it was a media spectacle in its own. The race starts from Missouri River until the Mississippi River. Since the scandal that brought the name of the seven time Tour De France winner into the doping scandal, it was the first appearance that he made in public.

According to him, he mentioned that RABRAI is a great event that made him stay connected to the sport that he loves. After everything that happened to him over the last months, Lance Armstrong’s life changed. He was forced to resign from his position in Livestrong Foundation, a cancer foundation that he founded in 1997. The foundation was mentioned to be facing threats of lawsuits from the donors for providing money to their group. Armstrong defended Livestrong as a first class organization. Come to think of it, regardless of what Armstrong did in order to gain publicity for the foundation, it is a separate entity and shouldn’t be faced with the same criticism that he received in the media.

Uncertain Future

From this point on, Armstrong is facing an uncertain future whether or not he can continue competing what he loved to do. Based on how he was received in Iowa, there is a bright future waiting for the disgraced Armstrong. If you will look at the who’s who of people who were caught in professional sports doping, you will simply notice how some names mentioned come as a surprise to the public. This only means that doping is a big issue in the world of sports.

When you have a 40 year old body, taking into account the factors that could be considered wear and tear, it is important to provide alternative treatments in order to remain relative. When you are going to vie for the King of the Mountain title in a cancer survivor’s body, and still be clean when you win the titles in multiple occasions, that is just considered as a fairy tale now.

Recently, there were nine athletes banned to compete in the Olympics including Nataliya Tobias. These are only some instances when doping is caught. Testing can still be sketchy whether or not athletes are using illegal substances. It is may be the time when agencies reconsider their standards for these substances.

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