The Largest Shopping Mall in the USA

The Largest Shopping Mall in the USA

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The Mall of America Occasion The Largest Shopping Mall in the USA

The Mall of America is the largest shopping mall in the USA. It is a famous tourist destination. It is situated in Bloomington Minnesota and has been open since the year 1992. It has over 500 stores that are both chain and high end. It also has several restaurants and tourist attractions. This structure has a seven acre amusement park known as the Nickelodeon Universe Amusement Park. This park is complete with roller coasters and other fun things for children. It is said that every year, around 40 million people visits this haven to shop and to take part in the 400 events that are held there every year.

The Center of the Occasions It is the largest entertainment and retail complex in America. It has earned quite a reputation in the entertainment industry because it often entertains guests who have celebrity appearances in their events. Music concerts and performances as well as charity events are also held there because of its fame and because of the number of people that visits the structure every day. Movie premieres, book signings and product launches are also usually held inside because it guarantees a large turnout for such occasions.

Its Management The Mall of America is owned and managed by the Triple Five Group. This is owned by the Ghermezian Family from Canada. The concept was designed by the Triple Five Group. The site it stands used to be the Metropolitan Stadium. The groundbreaking ceremony for this structure took place in 1989 on the 14th of June. The doors  were opened to the public on the 11th of August 1992. Before it was opened, it had earned itself several nicknames. Some called it the Megamall while others called it the Sprawl of America.

Its Levels and Zones It covers 4,200,000 square feet. It is almost symmetric but is said to have a floor plan that is rectangular. The stores are arranged in such a way that there are pedestrian walkways that are on three levels. These are found on the sides of the rectangle. There is also a fourth walkway found on the fourth side. It is organized in such a way that it has four zones. Each of the four zones has its own decoration style. The entrance and some grounds below it are the only ones that are usually heated even in the winter.

Its Aquarium It has an aquarium that is known as SEA LIFE Minnesota aquarium. This has a 300 foot long tunnel where visitors can walk through. This shopping centre has a transit station which is known as the busiest in America. This station links the mall to many destinations around Minneapolis. It has security personnel that ensure everyone who is inside is always safe. This is a place that a lot of people love to visit and shop as they are able to find anything that they are looking for.

Come and Have Fun Now that you know what can the Mall of America has to offer, I’m sure you’re excited to come and check this shopping haven. If you have the budget, then you can surely experience a lot of fun things inside this mall. However, if you have a limited budget then fret not because despite having a low budget, it can entertain you by its beauty and style!

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