Some Largest Shopping Malls at Geneva

Some Largest Shopping Malls at Geneva

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Centre Balexert Some Largest Shopping Malls at Geneva

Geneva ranks 2nd as the most populous city in Switzerland and is said to be the 4th most expensive city in the world. Geneva city mainly depend on its private banking and finance of international trade for their economy.
When it comes to the city’s shopping mall, this place also has a lot to offer. To show you some of Geneva’s pride, here is a list of shopping malls you can check.

Centre Balexert

The Centre Balexert is the largest mall in Geneva, located in Ave Louis-Casai. It consists of more than 100 shops including branded boutique outlets as well as local shops where you can buy almost all kinds of things. Here you’ll find bars and pubs, restaurants and Pause Gourmande. This shopping mall also provides a leisure cinema for the entire family. The new addition to this mall is the crèche which is an imitation of a train known as “Le Petit Train” for the children to entertain them while their parents are busy in shopping. When it comes to its parking spaces, it can cater a total of 2,200 car spaces and some are even allotted to disabled visitors and to those mothers with strollers.

La Praille

It is also a very famous mall of Geneva with many shops offering all kinds of item. Here you can find a wide range of accessories, especially for kids. Many branded stores, such as King Jouet, C&A and Zara that deal in kid’s accessories like garments, foot wares and a lot more are found inside this shopping mall. The kid’s train, known as Orchestra Daycare Centre, is here to give your child a happy ride for 3 hours. An underground car parking system is particularly designed to ensure the safety of the shoppers’ cars and valuable items.


This is the third largest mall in Geneva, located near the La Praille shopping centre. In this shopping mall you’ll have a chance to park your car and enjoy its free parking service for 2 hours. It is the best shopping center as there are many international retail and many restaurants as well. For children, a play area is established to keep them busy. However, every Sunday this shopping mall is said to be closed.

Planete Charmilles

This shopping mall is said to be the heart of Geneva. This provides a lot shopping services to all its shoppers, aside from the clothing boutiques and retail stores, restaurants and entertainment, this shopping mall provides ATM services, automatic photo booth, and telephone booth. The most unique feature of this shopping mall is their defibrillator access in cases of cardiac arrest in the area.

Chavannes Centre

This mall is situated on A1 auto route between Geneva and Nyon. The way to this shopping mall takes almost 10 minute drive from the airport. You can find all the branded and local non-branded shops here. An Orchestra children’s shop, C&A and many other stores are specified in the children’s wear and other accessories.

Enjoy the Shopping Malls of Geneva

Unknown to most tourists, Geneva is also a perfect spot to visit during vacation. It comes with amazing sights to see and the shopping malls are also fun to visit. It comes with great facilities and most of its shopping malls management are conscious of their shopper’s health and well-being which sets the malls of Geneva different from the rest.


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